Yuri Network News – August 8, 2009

August 8th, 2009

It’s a lazy summer day, let’s start off with news for the lazy!

Yuri Anime

The Anime Network has announced that in celebration of National Lazy Day on August 10, they are offering all of its online content, including “premium” content, for free. There a number of Yuri offerings in their catalog – they are an ADV company after all.

YNN Chief correspondent Sean G also wants to add that ADV has added Revolutionary Girl Utena to their Anime Network Cable VOD, Satellite VOD
Also from Sean “per Right Stuf’s site, a My-Otome Complete Collection box is out 10/20 as part of the ‘Anime Legends’ series. Run time seems to suggest this is just the TV series, not including the OAVs.”


Snatches of Yuri

You probably dont even remember this manga, but almost exactly a year ago, I reviewed a title called Kaprekar, about two girls who are so close that when they kiss they become a magical being and defeat the bad guys. It’s up to Volume 3 now. The girls really love one another. They kiss and defeat magical beings. And they are still in debt. The end.

For those of you who just can’t get enough of that good ole’ not quite ambiguous Yuri in Light Novel form here’s another series for you – Otome Unmei Ayameno, which appears to be about school girls. No, really.

Don’t think the moe crowd is being forgotten yet. Your love of toddler-esque art is still the meme du jour. Enjoy yourself with >Sekai Seifuku Kirara Jogakukan, a series about Yuri among schoolgirls…etc, etc.

Another Ryuu magazine comic series (Ryuu is right up there with Mangatime KR for having loads of Yuri or Yuri-ish stories) Hinagiku Junshin Jogakuen is more of the same but different. It’s also getting a *lot* of play on the Yuri blogs, so I’m guessing it might be closer to having some actual relationship.

If I’m reading this right, Deragui is about a high school girl who falls for a girl who likes to eat a lot.

As an aside, some years ago I stopped reading mysteries when I noticed that all the detectives now needed a “hook.” This one was “ex-cop with a dark past” and that one was a “cookbook writer who just falls into trouble” and I gave it all up as a bad job. Yuri is sort of heading in that direction now. There’s *so* many schoolgirl Yuri stories that it’s in that “vampire schoolgirl Yuri” and “girls with names that are colors Yuri” phase. :-)

Just to change the pace, Fura Furu, while the series seems to be about girls, not women, does not appear to be a typical Yuri schoolgirl story. In fact, it looks kind of intriguing. The first volume appears to be hard to find, so I’m linking to the second volume, which is available. It’s a Mangtime CR 4-koma, so you know basically what it’ll be like.


That seems like enough for today. The sun is shining, the air is clear, I don’t want to spend all morning writing this report. :-)

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11 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Erica, and fellow readers –

    I popped over the The Anime Network to catch a glipse of Utena. I’ve seen the series oh so many times, and I love it.

    The description of the series confused me:

    “Nine young women who defy the male-dominated tradition of Japanese sports come together in the heat of athletic competition to become the Princess Nine.”

    This does not sound like the plot of the Utena I know. Has ADV reinterpreted the plot or tried to neutralize some of the surrealism in some way?

    Let me know, I’m curious.


    P.S. For some reason, the player is not working for me. Hence my inquiry.

    – Angelina

  2. @Anonymous – Just a typo. That’s the synopsis for Princess Nine. you might want to email them and let them know about the typo. :-)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Erica, just dropping by with some info. :)
    Rakka Ryuusui Variety CD is coming out this This coming C76 (14-16 August).
    Details can be found here: link

    Those who can’t get it at C76 (most of us) can probably get it on 26 August from: link

    From the little that I know, there is at least a new drama track as well as a duet between Akiho and Minatsu. My suspicion is that there’s going to be some light Yuri between Akiho and Minatsu, and Yuu and Akatsuki.

    The voicing cast are the same as the previous Drama CD Rakka Ryuusui:
    Nakahara Mai as Hayama Akiho
    Endou Aya as Hokaze Minatsu
    Matsuoka Yuki as Kusaba Haruka
    Kaneda Tomoko as Shimotsuki Mafuyu
    Sawashiro Miyuki as Gojyou Yuu
    Nabatame Hitomi as Ayase Akatsuki

  4. @Anonymous – Thanks for the news tip. I’ll include this in next week’s report!

  5. Cryssoberyl says:

    UTENA. I’m so happy it’s coming back to life after so long.

    I’d like those remastered DVDs now please. ^_^

  6. @Cryssoberyl – For the second time in this comments field I suggest you email Anime Network and ADV and tell *them*. I strongly doubt ADV reads Okazu and if you do not tell them directy with words, they are not so good at reading minds.

  7. GregC says:

    “Your love of toddler-esque art is still the meme du jour.”

    You are my hero.

    The industry needs a new slogan:
    “Manga. It’s not ALL kiddy-porn.”

  8. Cryssoberyl says:

    My statement was more of a “wouldn’t it be nice if that happened” daydream than a serious hope, let alone a request. I doubt ADV is in the financial shape to be willing and able to license the remastered version of a 12-year-old series (no matter how excellent).

  9. @Cryssoberyl – Nontheless, if you do not them them, they cannot know people want it. They really do not have ESP. The more they hear the same thing, the more they might be able to justify funds.

  10. violet says:

    Utena is gonna be like what Kill Bill did for American Cinema… empowering for women. I think anyways.

    Costs less than even 1 month of Direct TV and you only pay ONCE..


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