Yuri Network News – August 15, 2009

August 15th, 2009

There’s just under a week left in the YNN logo contest, so if you have a logo you’d like to send in, get it in by August 20th! I’ll run entries next Saturday and you can pick the one you like best.

Now – on to the news!

Yuri Manga

Yuri Monogatari 6 has finally made it on to Amazon Japan, so if your Japanese penpals are looking for a copy, they can now order it locally!

Some titles that you ought to keep your heads up for are:

Octave 3 – We’ll finally get to see what happens after Yukino makes her decision at the concert.

Tsubomi 3 – There’s been some excitement about this volume, as artist Ohishi Masaru has been added to the lineup.

Choir 2 – No one really cares about this, but the first volume wasn’t that sucky and the girl got the girl, so Vol. 2. Let’s see if that develops at all.

And Girlfriends 3 – So, now we can wallow as Acchan tortures herself. ;-)


Yuri Anime

Komatsu-san of Ultimo Spalpeen tells me that in the UK there is some noise about a reissue of Sailor Moon on DVD. He’s wondering if/when the US will follow suit – well, we’re wondering too! Funimation had thrown Sailor Moon onto a wish list poll and had an overwhelming response to it. They have said that they cannot get it yet, but are looking into the possibility. I say we keep up the pressure and remind them every other month on Twitter. ^_^


Yuri Drama CD

Anonymous says that a “Rakka Ryuusui Variety CD is coming out this weekend for Comiket 76 (14-16 August). Details can be found here.

Those who can’t get it at C76 (most of us) can probably get it on 26 August from the Animate Shop.

From the little that I know, there is at least a new drama track as well as a duet between Akiho and Minatsu. My suspicion is that there’s going to be some light Yuri between Akiho and Minatsu, and Yuu and Akatsuki.

The voicing cast are the same as the previous Drama CDs:
Nakahara Mai as Hayama Akiho
Endou Aya as Hokaze Minatsu
Matsuoka Yuki as Kusaba Haruka
Kaneda Tomoko as Shimotsuki Mafuyu
Sawashiro Miyuki as Gojyou Yuu
Nabatame Hitomi as Ayase Akatsuki”

Thanks, Anonymous for the tip!


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Thanks again to everyone who contributes and makes this a great Yuri Network!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve only read bits and pieces of Choir! here and there, but I’ve always had the impression that the Yuri couple was the only redeeming feature of the series. The art alone is a huge turn-off, and the rest looks like your typical 4-koma fare, except with a bunch of fetishes and various things that are considered moe thrown in. I was surprised to read you didn’t hate the first volume though, so I guess I should reread the whole thing and pay more attention.
    Also, I can’t help but think it would probably be popular if made into an anime.

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