Click Manhwa, Volume 3 (English)

September 7th, 2009

It’s a full-on “stress about your gender” a-thon in Click, Volume 3.

Joonha, now trapped permanently in a woman’s body, is not one whit less gynophobic than she was a a guy. Men’s bodies, she says, “sure are strong and beautiful,” while women’s bodies are “impossible to move around in and annoying as hell.” Yep, you sure gotta like Joonha, especially if you’re into whining and self-loathing.

And then there’s Heewon Jun who, in frustration at her unresolved love for Joonha, has taken to being the meanest, most violent, crude girl she can be. She smokes, she uses physical violence and she curses up a storm. And she’s brought to a screeching halt when her friend from her former school points out the obvious and tells her that the guy she’s in love with…is a woman. Obviously. Duh. I mean, no guy would wear a skirt, right? It could be fun and Yuri-ish if she decides she doesn’t care. I foresee “funny” sexual harassment.

Then there’s Joonha’s actual real love of her life, her old and dearest friend Jinhoo, who is relieved and pleased to see his best friend – but not so much to find out that Joonha will not tell him why he left school.

And finally, there’s Taehyun, living a triple life of privileged wealth, Robin Hood businessman and tough-guy slacker all at once. He and Joonha actually make a good couple, but unless Jinhoo dies, it’s unlikely that they’ll ever be together. Actually, even if Jinhoo dies. *Especially* if Jinhoo dies. The author is bummed that none of the fans of the comic seem to like Taehyun and I’m with her. He’s the only character who accepts Joonha for what she is *right now.*

As a comedy, this is high melodrama. As an action story it’s silly. As a cross-gender morality play it’s dismal. As a cast of self-flagellating adolescent characters beating themselves senseless upon the altars of their own misery it’s just fine and dandy. ^_^


Art – 6
Story – 6
Characters – 7
Yuri – 1
Service- 1

Overall – 7

Once again, the “pigeon of thanks” wings its way to Okazu Superhero Dan P! Thank you for sponsoring today’s review and letting us all whack ourselves over the head with Korean gender switch “comedy.”

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