Yuri Network News – November 7, 2009

November 7th, 2009

Yuri Drama CDs

Katherine H. is first out of the gate with news for the DCD crowd (which I believe consists of me and her. lol) She wants you to know that there is a Canaan DJCD, which means it is an original recording from the web radio show, not a recycled storyline from the anime.

And, she tells us, there’s a Sasamekikoto Drama CD, as well. Also an original story (according to the Amazon JP write up, anyway.)

But wait, there’s more! (Katherine says in the spirit of early holiday shopping) there’s the Aoi Hana “Sweet Blue Radio CD”, as well. So your stockings can be filled with all sorts of Yuri goodies this holiday season.

And one more from me. There is a Maria-sama ga Miteru Premium CD up for pre-order. It’s also an “Original recording” which could be the actresses talking, one of the un-recorded stories, or a live event and we’ll never know until we buy it and listen. :-)


Yuri Anime

Media Blasters has announced that they’ve acquired Ikkitousen GG, so fans of Kanu can watch her love for Ryuubi be turned into a dumb gag. :-) And in case Ikkitousen is too high-faluting’ for you, they are also licensing Queen’s Blade.

Mai Hime is due out in Blue Ray format in Japan, and to reward you for spending the money, there will be four new service-filled shorts that will make a mockery of the price that fans paid for such a sophisticated video set up. Or so I imagine. :-)


Yuri Manga

A pile of Ichijinsha’s Yuri cell phone manga collections are slated to hit the shelves any day!

Gokujou Drops Volume 3, can you believe it? What’s left? The girl got the girl and we’ve run out of upperclassman to sexually harass her. I’m gonna guess there’s a basement apartment in the dorm we didn’t know about or something. lol

Yukemuri Sanctuary is surely going to involve bathing.

Otome Senshi Lovely 5! is, I’m thinking, pretty self explanatory.

I don’t know what Honey Quartet is about, but as it’s a one of the cell phone manga, there’s likely to be sex. That’ll sell, regardless of anything else. lol

And, last up for this month’s releases, we also have Sora-iro Girlfriend.


Other News

As Simon Jones (blog frequently NSFW) so beautifully put it, here is an article about why people in $4000 suits are starting to look at manga as an advertising tactic. Why am I linking it here? Because understanding the business side of this whole industry is way more important than remembering the name of the third girl on the left in Episode 8 of whatever series.


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3 Responses

  1. __getattr__ says:

    Sorry to ruin the “surprise”, but the Marimite Premium CD will include 2 stories:

    – the Tsutako and Shouko stuff that happened during “Soeur Audition” (which is, of course, just lovely, and is probably the scene that I missed the most in the 4th season)

    – the fight Touko had with the girls from the Theater Club (or whatever is the right translation for “engekibu”), mixing stuff from “Tokubetsu de nai tada no ichi nichi” and the “joana” story from “In Library”

    The first one was recorded for the April episode of the webradio, and the second one for the May episode.

    There’s also Ueda Kana and Nabatame Hitomi talking, which is either something new or the stuff from the 2008-10 webradio episode.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the news Erica! So many drama CDs, so little shelf space. ^_^;

    Thanks for the link. I wonder which corporation is going to cash in on manga first. Finally; I was going to email you about the Ikkitousen/Queen’s Blade announcement, but then my computer started weeping bloody tears…wierd timing.


    Arca Jeth

  3. Senbei says:

    The Souer Audition Tsutako/Shouko scene (it’s really unfair that it’s only one chapter) was so cute it made up for the three dozen hours of translating Yoshino. I so want to hear what it’ll sound like outside of my own imagination.

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