Blatant Self-Promotion!

November 8th, 2009

Got a couple of housekeeping/promotional things I want to bring to your attention today. I’ll try and get a review in later, since you haven’t had one in a few days.

First, ALC Publishing is holding a Pre-Holiday sale on all 100% Yuri publications. Visit the ALC page on the Yuricon Shop for 30% to 50% off all books. This is for a limited time, so get your holiday orders in today!

Secondly, I’ve heard from a few people that there’s some confusion about the double-underlined words in the body of my blog posts. Like the interstitial ads, these are the omnipresent evil of advertising. Those links and the Google ads aren’t Blogger having their way with me. I put them there in order to attempt to monetize this blog. Feel free to enjoy the sponsored content as you roll over them…or not. :-)

Thirdly, there is a new addition to the right-hand sidebar here to which I’d like to draw your attention. Under the header “Be a Hero” you’ll see that I’ve added a Amazon JP Wishlist to the one. This was quite specifically at the request of devoted readers. Shipping from Japan to the US is pretty ridiculous, which is why I didn’t have one before now. Amazon JP is in Japanese, but all the buttons are the same shape and size as they are on, so it’s not that hard to navigate. When you get to checkout. Then you can switch to English. There’ll be a link that asks if you want to see the page in English. You are never obliged or pressured to buy anything ever for Okazu. But, there. At your request, I caved. :-)

Once again, I want to thank all my many Heros and Superheros, my Guest Reviewers, and every single one of my fabulous readers. Your support makes this possible – and I meant that both literally and figuratively. Thank you for the comments, the Diggs, the RTs and the friendship. As we head into a season of holidays, friends and family, I want to let you know, you are more than just my Yuri Network, you’re a family to me. Thank you.

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3 Responses

  1. bec says:

    thank YOU erica for all the time and effort and bloodsweatandtears you put into okazu and all things Yuri. without your entertaining insights all compiled into one fantastic blog i, along with a lot of people on this side of the world i’m sure, would not be aware of many artists and works that are more than worthy of checking out. thanks for blowing my mind and helping my Yuri obsession grow!

  2. Chi says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the sale. Cheers

  3. Ashrie says:

    I’m with Bec. Without your work on this blog and Yuricon, many of us would not know where to even start looking for Yuri. We might stumble upon it by accident, then be happily oblivious to all the other stories out there… You’ve certainly helped me get into series I might never have heard of otherwise… :D

    So thank you for all the effort, the tears, the trials and tribulations that you go through, to make this resource available to us Yuri fans… :)

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