Yuri Manga: Gokujou Drops, Volume 3

January 20th, 2010

In Volume 3 of Gokujou Drops (極上ドロップス) Komari is sexually harrassed by every human being she interacts with, and is suddenly parted from Yukio with no communication between them for the 437th time.

This time, it’s serious. Yukio’s mother is disgusted by the news that she’s living – and sleeping – with some nobody at school. She determined to force Yukio to transfer and marry her off as soon as possible. But Komari braves the labyrinth once again and saves Yukio – with the deus ex machina of an aunt that had been a former resident of the Haraizo Dorm and letter from Yukio’s off-scene father.

I am so done with this series. There’s nothing even remotely interesting in Volume 3, it’s a tired rehash of everything from the first two volumes. Komari being forcibly undressed by just about anyone who walks by was always tedious – now its plain old, old and tired. The art is the same, the sex (consensual and non-consensual) is the same; the crying, the non-secrets, the snuggling – its all the exact same.

As I mentioned, the cell phone manga collections from Ichijinshi weren’t great this time around. This wasn’t the worst of them, however – that’s still to come. ^_^

Rather than spend your money on Volume 3, you can just re-read Volume 1 and Volume 2 over and save your money for something better.


Art – 6
Story – 5
Characters – 5
Yuri – 8
Service – 8

Overall – 5

Sexual harassment isn’t a particularly good plot complication, much less an entire *plot.*

But hey – here’s an opportunity for a enthusiastic fan, if Vol. 4 comes out, I won’t be getting it, so we’ll need a guest review!

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8 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Komari is sexually harrassed by every human being she interacts with…”

    Well, at least she didn’t get harassed by guys because that would cause the fandom to raise their pitchforks…..<_<

    Wouldn’t this title sell decently in the U.S. due to its ecchiness and blatant use of smutty yaoi tropes most notably the seme/uke dynamics?

  2. @Anonymous – Unlikely. Porn doesn’t actually sell more manga. It makes it harder to sell and harder to distribute and more likely to be downloaded rather than bought. Hormonal young men and women are the age group least likely to pay for what they jerk off to.

  3. RaNdOm_rAnTs says:

    this manga doesn’t really sound nice >__< thank god that i didn't waste my time reading from volume 2 but vol. 1 was pretty good <3

  4. Anonymous says:

    yes there were lot’s sexual harrassment scene, but i found myself growing to like the story though

  5. Anonymous says:

    I loved it and yes it did get a little annoying even Komari’s neediness bugged me a little. but I can’t imagine Yukino with anyone else. And now I’m anxiously waiting for volume four to come out!

  6. Gibson says:

    I actually loved this manga. I just wish I could find a website that sold it, English or Japanesse. If anyone can find one please email me at usss13@yahoo.com. Thank You!

  7. @Gibson – You can buy the manga from Amazon Japan, by clicking the picture on the review.

  8. Gibson says:

    @MS Friedman- Thank you so much! I’ll check right away!

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