Taking a Walk Around Tokyo

March 20th, 2010

So this AM we decided to start the day with a short walk.

And by “walk” we meant, “going shopping.” So we headed down Sunshine-dori and over to Otome Road, where the K-Books stores are spreading like fungus. Then we hit a few floors of Animate, where they were playing “Erica’s greatest anime hits” over the PA. They did have a small GL section, which was nice. It’s about one set of bookshelf’s worth, then the next shelf over is “Yuri-ish” stuff, with series like Hidamari Sketch – you know, stuff Yuri fans slash, but have very little *actual* Yuri. The next set of shelves are even thinner Yuri-ish, but popular series, like K-On!

Then over to Shibuya, to briefly meet translator extraordinaire Mari Morimoto, then wander off to spend more money. I managed to keep my purchases down to minimum, but poor Bruce looked like a pack mule by the time he was done. The Animate in Shibuya doesn’t have a Yuri section, so you have to know what publisher/title you might want. Oddly, there’s very little I want/need right now, which is why I was able to escape nearly unscathed. I was only momentarily tempted to get the $400 Sailor Uranus henshin wand at Mandarake.

We then met Mari again for coffee, then parted once more. We headed down to Harajuku, because Bruce had never been. It was a beautiful spring Saturday night, so it was pretty mobbed. I bought a few gifts for friends, then we headed back to our hotel to dump the bags and rest our feet before dinner with another translator, Ana Moreno (Whom you may remember from Strawberry Panic.)

Our short walk ended up covering three major parts of Tokyo…..

My feet hurt. :-)

Today’s random junk food was a stretch. It’s getting harder to find stuff that looks challenging, so I settled on “Biz” which I think should really be “Bits.” They are cookies and cream flavored I don’t know what and puffed rice.

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    When it can get to the final. Such a successful Anime in the whole worlds.

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