Yuri Manga: Yukemuri Sanctuary

April 2nd, 2010

Amano Shuninta’s cell-phone manga, Yukemuri Sanctuary reminded me strongly in several ways of the old Mist magazine stories. All of them are near plotless, the story merely existing to frame the sexual encounters, with the  thin connective tissue of the OniYuri onsen to combine them into a whole, much as in Wako’s compilation from Mist, Kiseki Goten.

The OniYuri Onsen is an old, run-down little hot spring – not so famous, not glitzy, but a onsen reviewer falls for it – and for the woman who works there, in the first story. A stripper finds it’s charms irresistible and consequently, designs some irresistible charms to sell at the onsen. A famous idol finds love in the bad eyesight of one of her fans, and uses her fame to help the onsen gain visibility. The woman who works in the Ero-museum attached to the onsen finds true love with the woman she lusted after.

And in the inevitable final story, the cool, aloof, hotel conglomerate president is reunited with the onsen owner and forgets her threats to take the onsen over and replace it with a golf course.

There’s nothing particularly compelling about these stories, but nothing particularly reprehensible, either. As I said, it reminded me strongly of Kiseki Goten. Which brings me to the one, completely, utterly unreasonable complaint I have about this book. Because it did remind me so much of Mist, I kind of was annoyed at the low quality of the art as compared with the realistic(ish) and detailed art in Mist. I know, styles change over time, but if the art was even half as good as Wako’s I would have liked this book a *lot* more. As it is, it kind of just made me pine for the days when good art was a requirement even in porn.

Ah well.


Art – In comparison with Mist, 3, so I won’t go there. Let’s say 7
Story – 7
Characters – 5
Yuri – 9
Service – 7

Overall – 7

Yukemuri Sanctuary is a fluffball read that probably would have been a lot of fun as a monthly cell-phone installment of Yuri.

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