Garo at the Center for Book Arts, NYC

April 15th, 2010

No Yuri today – I have to be in NYC to do some stuff today, and while I’m there, I’m meeting Rica Takashima to visit the Center for Book Arts and take in their exhibit of Garo manga magazine.

Garo is, if you will excuse my mixing and matching of memes, the Dadism phase of manga. It focused on breaking the boundaries, and socio-political commentary which, as you know, every single generation of young artists does and thinks they are unique and groundbreaking. :-) (In many ways every generation is unique and groundbreaking – except the part where they think “no one has ever done this before” and are self-righteous and angry about things. lol.)

For most US fans, names that will be most recognizable from Garo is Yoshihiro Tatsumi, creator of A Drifting Life and  Usamaru Furuya, creator of Short Cuts

I’ll be doing a write up of the exhibit for another website, I’ll let you know when it goes up. 

Can I just tell you how amazing it is to be alive right now? We have the best of all possible worlds – the past and present are as accessible to us as we want them to be, no matter how obscure our interests. And we have an opportunity to create the future. It’s pretty spectacular.

Thank you Center for Book Arts – and every Library in the world that celebrates the printed word and image!

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