Yuri Manga: Girlish Sweet

August 17th, 2010

I officially declare this week Takemiya Jin week here at Okazu. True, I only have two books to review by Takemiya-sensei, but two is enough for me. ^_^

Today we take a look at Girlish Sweet: Atashi no Kanojo, (Girlish Sweetアタシノ彼女) a collection of stories published by Hakusensha (home of Rakuen Le Paradis, among other magazines.)

As with Love Flicker, the stories in Girlish Sweet are standalones that connect.

In “Truffe Nature” and “Thyme Orange,” Kaede and Miyako deal with their feelings for one another while together in school and apart in college. A short omake covers a first kiss is aborted for a very silly reason and I know exactly what doujinshi Takemiya read to get the idea. :-) After the story is over, there is an image of Kaede and Miyako heading into a “Main Hall” to be seated.

Kinoshita has been looking after and admiring the President since they were together in high school in “Sweet Acid.” It’s obvious they feel the same way about each other but there’s the whole ethics thing. The omake, “Best Friends,” covers the two women receiving tickets from actress Yukari to her performance. We see the two of them heading to the Main Hall in the interstitial space between stories.

Hanaoka and Sonohara meet by accident, but together they tend the school’s flower beds, in “Good Faith.” They study together…and fall in love. The omake for this is a short with two of Hanaoka’s friends, Kado and Mori, becoming closer, as well.

In “Be Connected,” Kaede buys tickets for them to see Yukari, Miyako’s favorite actress and it turns out that she’s Hanaoka’s older sister…and that Sonohara is a huge fan. They are all seen walking toward the Main Hall.

Kado, Hanaoka’s friend, find herself battling for Hanaoka with Sonohara, in “Hands,” and in “Be jealous of” and “April 2/3” Mori’s backstory is brought to light. But by “May 3/3” Kado and Mori are clearly an item and by “tee hee hee” other people can tease them about it. They are seen heading towards the Main Hall. ^_^

“July 1/3” continues with Mori and Kado’s backstory, but “3/3 Memories” picks up in a present in which the two live together. An extended, very painful backstory for Kado, takes up a good portion of the latter part of this book. This is not at all easy to read and involves some not-explicitly rendered violence against children. Given the light tone of the beginning of the book, this was a surprising development, but that’s exactly what it is – character development for two side characters that become more prominent as the book goes on.

The book ends with Kado and Mori finding “Happiness” together as all of them are seated at last and await Yukari’s performance.

This is one of those manga that starts off one place and, as the story progresses, it goes somewhere completely different. The worst of these are meandering and vague, but the best hold together to make a coherent, interconnected story. I consider Girlish Sweet be the latter and, in a lot of ways, prefer it to Love Flicker.


Art – 7
Story – 9
Characters – 8
Yuri – 8
Service – 1

Overall – 8

Where Love Flicker is a series of fun Story As that have an interconnected thread, Girlish Sweet starts off as a series of fun Story As, then turns into an actual story.

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  1. redfish says:

    I picked up Takemiya’s (aka Junk-lab) five-part original doujin Yuri adventure series マニハニ (Maniac Honey) at Comiket, where the fifth and (probably) the last volume also came out.

    Fun, perhaps a bit silly at times, but recommended. Hopefully there will be a collected commercial edition (as happened with Tact) some day.

  2. J says:

    Given that Girlish Sweet is a collection of a bunch of Takemiya’s non-ManiHani doujinshi, I don’t think that would be too much to hope for!

    Personally, I just hope that Takemiya decides to make ManiHani 5 available through Tora no Ana mail-order at some point :<

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