Yuri Network News – August 28, 2010

August 28th, 2010

Yuri Manga

Today is “Read Comics in Public Day” and ALC Publishing is celebrating with a contest!

Take a picture of yourself reading any Yuri Manga in public, send us the link to @Yuricon on Twitter, post it on the Yuricon and ALC Publishing page on Facebook or send it to the Yuricon Mailing List, and you’ll be entered to win “I Love Yuri” goods. We’re even giving away one Amazon gift certificate!

Don’t send the picture to me by email, or link to it here. This is a Twitter/FB/mailing list contest only! And by “in public” we do mean where other people can see you, thanks!

Heads up, a Strawberry Panic Omnibus is headed our way in late September! That’s all of the collected chapters of Strawberry Panic, for just over $10 if you pre-order now.

Manga expert Jason Thompson wrote up a very lovely overview of Rica ‘tte Kanji!? and Yuri Monogatari in his ANN Column, “House of 1000 Manga.” Thanks, Jason!

Yuri Anime

YNN Correspondent Eric P. is very excited to share the news that Section 23 has picked up the licenses for Uta-Kata and Taisho Yakyuu Musume/Taisho Baseball Girls. I very much hope you will all support the second title, as it is a truly remarkable series, for many reasons.

Snatches of Yuri

A Day Without Me writes in to tell everyone of a Yuri sighting in hentai series Aki Sora and Aki Sora Yume. ADWM says, “Essentially, to sum it all up: Kana has a crush on Sora, Nami’s twin. Nami offers to practice kiss Kana since Nami looks so much like her brother. Nami gropes Kana, who freaks out, but stops when this happens and apologizes. I was totally flabbergasted at this point, since generally this would just lead to coerced sex or flat-out sexual harassment. Nami continues to try to help Kana get her brother after this, although there is a very heartbreaking kind of moment where she does kiss Kana after Kana passes out from accidentally seeing Sora naked.

Now, the second episode of Aki-Sora: Yume no Naka isn’t being released until November, and it is supposed to focus more on Nami and Kana instead of the sibcons. It could very, very easily become totally trashy at that point. But at the moment I am feeling impressed and a teeny bit hopeful, so I thought I’d pass along the information.”

Other News

Right Stuf/Nozomi Entertainment announces an Azumanga Daioh limited-edition Lithograph available in November.

New YNN Correspondent Jeanette T. writes in to bring our attention to a live-action series called ラブ・コレ~東京 Love Collection Tokyo. It is “not about schoolgirls” and has, as part of the cast a lesbian couple that is portrayed sympathetically – and openly. Here’s a link to the description of the series on Japanese lesbian media site Tokyo Wrestling. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for it.

And while we’re on live-action news, the Maria-sama ga Miteru movie Perfect Book, full of photos and stuff is now available! S.Q.U.E.E.

That’s a wrap for this week.

Become a Yuri Network Correspondent by sending me any Yuri-related news you find. Emails go to anilesbocon01 at hotmail dot com. Not to the comments here, please, or they might be forgotten or missed. There’s a reason for this madness. This way I know you are a real human, not Anonymous (which I do not encourage – stand by your words with your name!) and I can send you a YNN correspondent’s badge.

Thanks to all of you – you make this a great Yuri Network!

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    not related, but still newsy.

    it seems that at some point in the recent past Crunchyroll has dropped Aoi Hana.

  2. d. radish says:

    I tried watching Tokyo Love Collection recently because of the Tokyo Wrestling article, and…

    /lots of spoilers

    I’m not sure about the positive lesbian portrayal thing. There’s a happy ending and everyone accepts the relationship, but the out lesbian pretty much gets the other girl by sexually harassing her at work and leering at her in the sauna. For me, she was more predatory and creepy than comical.

    The whole series is pretty over the top though, so I guess enjoyment/perception depends on your sense of humor. I did like Natsuki (the love interest), and she was the only one of the three main girls I did not want to smack upside the head. Also, the overall attitude towards lgbt relationships is definitely positive despite the individual portrayals being iffy.

    Oh, and I should have prefaced all this by saying I do not typically like predatory lesbian characters or j-dramas.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Aki Sora” is based on a manga and the first two episodes tells the story of circa 2/3 of first volume (of 4 so far). I’ve read 2 volumes and the first two chapters of the third one, and there’s no explict Yuri in here – actually Suzumiya makes love with Sora and then jelpus Nanami sexually tortures her brother. Well, there probably won’t be any Yuri sex in this manga, since the author is into straight hentai and crossdressing yaoi, but I think Nami and Suzumiya might stay togetzer in the end in a way similar to Juri and Shiori of “Utena”. Even if not for Yuri, I recommend reading this manga becouse of the awesome psychological portrayal of the members of Aoi family (there’s a secret not yet revealed in the anime!). ;)
    Soniasonia aka bezmrok aka Kaoru-no-kimi

  4. Anonymous says:

    By the end of volume 5, both “lesbian” girls in Aki Sora went trough Sora’s pants, individually and in threesome. Though some readers explain that they are both to shy to have sex with each other directly.

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