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December 2nd, 2010

I’m always going on about lesbian this and lesbian that here at Okazu. This week I shifted perspective to talk about one of my favorite cross-dressing characters in all of manga as part of this month’s Manga Movable Feast.

If you can’t stand to go a day without me, check out my MMF post over at Manga Curmudgeon: Un, Deux, Trois; the Friend’s Waltz in One Piece. With many thanks to David Welsh for hosting both my post and this month’s MMF.

With luck, I’ll have another post up there sometime soonish. That post was why you get nuthin’ tonight. You’ll understand when you read it. ^_^

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  1. Val says:

    Thank you for putting up such a wonderful tribute to Mr. 2 Bon Clay! Truly, the scene in Impel Down where he stands up to Magellan is a scene that is heart-warming and heart breaking at the same time. Only made even more touching by all the blubbering escaping prisoners. May Sanji be as (or more)awesome as him.

  2. @Val – It was truly my pleasure. One Piece continues to be a marvellous example of the best shounen manga (and perhaps manga as a whole) can be.

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