Yuri Manga: Comic Lily Plus, Volume 2

December 7th, 2010

Comic Lily Plus, Volume 2 (COMICリリィプラス) is the fifth of the Comic Lily anthologies. As a result, some of the stories that have been a little hard to follow are now beginning to gel into series that have some plot and character development. As with most quarterly anthologies, however, one struggles a bit to remember what the heck happened last time.

In “Esu to Emu to Etosetora” (S and M and Etcetera) Mashu is trying to get her own feelings for Satake-san organized, but it’s not easy when she’s being “helped” by a number of friends with their own agendas and I find I can’t remember any of them…

A new series, “Motto Motto” is a bit easier to follow, as it starts from the very beginning, with Chisato asking Mari out, and the two of them figuring out what, exactly, that means to them. I have no idea if this will continue, but it was a sweet first steps sort of thing.

“Summer Vacation” continues the dorm love drama that has been running in all of the Lily volumes. In both art and content, it reminds me a lot of a Bonnie Bonny doujinshi I have that deals with post-Marimite life for the couples of the Yamayurikai. This chapter ends with 2 couples good and one sort of ambiguously having issues. More to come, one presumes.

Tsune’s continuing drama, “Enka to Mai no Himitsu no Koubo” has turned quite dramatic, as the old lady, Enka’s aunt, gives up her own painful lost love story…and it’s not just random confessions, either. It’s directly related to Enka and Mai’s recent tiff. Of all the random bits that hadn’t really come together as a story, this one stood out as suddenly doing just that.

Most of these stories, and the others I didn’t touch upon, are still firmly in “Story A” territory, but most have settled down a bit, giving them a feeling of stability and a chance to actually play out over a number of chapters, instead of being one-shots that get sequels.


Overall – 7

In no way do I consider Comic Lily Plus a must-read,  but I’m willing to stick with it and see if it matures a bit. There’s hints here and there that it might just.

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was looking forward to seeing Comic Lily maturing too, but unfortunately it got cancelled.
    I guess they got ahead of themselves when they switched to a bimonthly publication schedule.
    It’s too bad it didn’t last longer; I didn’t find any of the stories groundbreaking, but a few of them were enjoyable for a light read. Shame we’ll never get to find out how they end.

  2. Daniel says:

    Off topic post, but I wonder when we can have one criticism about his two films “Live-Action,” Maria-Sama Ga Miteiru and Kimi ni Todoke?

  3. @Daniel – I’ve already posted short reviews of the Marimite movie – there’s not much more than that to say. I have not seen, nor am I interested in seeing Kimi no Todoke, so you’ll have to go elsewhere for that, I’m afraid.

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