Yuri Network News – February 5th, 2011

February 5th, 2011

Yuri Game

YNN Correspondent Mara sent this tidbit to us through the Yuricon Mailing List:

Koihime Muso‘s approximate release date is the 28th of February right now due to testing issues. As it had not been mentioned here I just thought I’d make sure it is up on this list for two main reasons.

First of all although the game will be the first game (the worst) and of all the Koihime Muso media this has the least Yuri, it is not as if it has none. Just look at the post on Toutaku’s army.

Also because the cost outweighs the current predicted sales Koihime Muso will also be released without voices. However if you look at this post: Should sales reach over 2000 the voices will be included, and a patch released for people who have bought it already. Well yay!

So if you do like Koihime Muso you might want to think about picking it up on release date as we need as high sales as possible to have a chance at getting the voices.

Should it fail just do what I’m planning on: Set up a laptop with the Japanese copy running next to where you are playing and play both simultaneously and identically so you can hear the voice acting from the Japanese version.

Won’t be the first time I did something that pathetic.

(You’re not alone, Mara- we’ve all done something equally as pathetic to feed our need.)


Yuri Manga

The first volume of Mikuni Hachime’s current Yuri Hime series, Musou Honey hit the streets last month – folks who loved Gokujo Drops should consider picking this one up.

Japanese Yuri lists are ringing with Kanno Manami’s Himawari-san from MF Comics. Love in a bookstore…swoon.

Time to pony up for the newly renamed Yuri Hime Wildrose – the first volume of Girls Love comes out this month! (Most pressing topic of conversation on the Yuri blogs regarding this is the lack of an apostrophe in “Girls.” I love otaku with all my heart, truly.

This one is for Bruce – Tetsudo Shoujo Manga, It’s train, it’s girls, it’s Yuri!

Yuri Anime

Update: YNN Correspondent Komatsu-san reminds me that Suite Precure!♪ begins broadcasting in Japan today. The main characters appear to be frenemies, which could certainly mean some Yuri potential.


That’s a wrap for this week.

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Thanks to all of you – you make this a great Yuri Network!

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