Introducing the New Yuricon Website!

April 1st, 2011

The trail has been long and hard, but we’ve finally arrived!

It is my great pleasure to introduce you all to the redesigned Yuricon website!

There’s still a few things we have to iron out and I’m sure I’ll be tweaking this until my fingers fall off, but we’re pretty much 99% there and I’m pleased as punch with the way it all came out!

The design elements were envisioned by long-time friend of Yuricon, May Young and the custom WordPress theme was created by Lissa Patillo. Both of these women deserve kudos, props and paeans to their skills.

Most of the content is the same, but there are some nice new features. Some of these are more exciting from my perspective than yours, but one feature I’d really like to draw your attention to is the Recent News headlines on the front page. We’ve enabled commenting on those, so if you have thoughts, news, heads ups, kudos or anything else you’d like to share, you can. And we would *love* to hear from you!

We’ll be adding more Japanese content and now that this isn’t weighing on me, I should be able to finish up Saiyuu no Ryouko  on the Yuricon Mailing List. ^_^ And speaking of the Mailing List, we’ve got links to all our major social profiles – here, Yuri Studios on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter…so you can connect with us wherever you are.

Again, thanks to Lissa and May and to all of you for putting up with our old look for so long!

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3 Responses

  1. Karla says:

    Loved the look of the new website, although I think it would be great to have less text and more graphics.

    Also it could be cool to have different designs in the shop.

    those are my 2 cents :D

  2. Frea says:

    Great job! Loving the slick new interface and it makes browsing and finding things much easier. Major props to the two lovely ladies!

    One heads up I noticed on the shoujoai ni bouken page: the issues are returning a 404 page not found error. But after looking at the page source, it seems like it’s just a page holder or something. So I’m sure it’s not the 1%.

    Looks much more professional; A good look for Yuricon.

  3. @Frea – That’s all been moved over now.

    Thanks for the catch!

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