New Yuricon Art Contest – Every Day is a Celebration at Yuricon!

May 8th, 2011

There are so many things to celebrate these days at Yuricon. We passed our first 10th anniversary, Yuri is more popular than ever, we’ve got a great new website, spring is here….etc., etc..

But what really means most to us is that we take every day and celebrate the small things, like being together with the ones we love. So, Yuricon Mascots Yuriko and Midori have asked for the first Yuricon Contest theme to be – Every Day is a Celebration!

Contest entries will portray Yuriko and Midori doing every day things like washing dishes, eating dinner, shopping (trying on clothes!), packing to move, whatever you think best reflects their (and by extension *our*) daily life together with the people we love.

There are no limits on image size or format, but be mindful of the fact that images will be viewed on a computer screen, so your 4′ mosaic masterpiece may not be worth the effort. ^_^ (On the other hand, if you really do a 4′ mosaic of Yuriko and Midori, it’ll be a shoo-in for a prize!)

Please read and follow the Submission Rules. Including the bit we put in to make sure you read and are following the rules. ^_^;

To inspire you, Yuriko and Midori have chosen a few of their favorite images from over the years. Check them out doing every day things together!

Yuriko, Midori and the rest of the judges look forward to seeing how you celebrate every day with Yuricon!

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  1. @Ozzy – The copyright to all pictures of Yuriko and Midori belong to Yuricon.

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