Yuri Network News – May 28, 2011

May 28th, 2011

Yuri Manga

The third volume of the Black Cat Mansion series, Shoujo Hakumei, (少女薄命~猫目堂ココロ譚~ ) hit the market this month.

Here’s a name you may remember – Mucchiri Muuni has a new, supposedly Yuri, manga collection, Junketsu Romance hitting Japanese shelves later this month.
Another name that’s been kicking around for years – Mizue Kaori, has a new Yuri Collection – Kusou Garou. You may remember Mizue-sensei’s work from the Yuri Tengoku anthologies. Or not….


Snatches of Yuri

For fans of Rakka Ryuusui, Volume 5 is available as of today.

And if you’re a Fujieda Miyabi fan, you’ll be glad to know that he announced a fourth volume of Twinkle Saber Nova is forthcoming.

For those of you who like your military fetishism with a light Yuri seasoning, the second volume of Kurogane Pukapuka-tai is heading your way in June.
Yamanko is a high school manga, and Volume 2 is Yuri, which is obvious because the girls touch. They even look like they like each other.


Maria-sama ga Miteru News

We have movie-sign! Here are links for the DVD & Blu-Ray set (with animated spots that ran before the movie, illustrations by Hibiki Reine, making of, cast comments and other extras); just the Blu-Ray and just the DVD.


Yuri Visual Novel

The folks who created Soulfege are now bringing you Hakuisei Renai Shoukogun, a tale of love and blinking among student nurses at a hospital. You can watch the trailer on Youtube. It seems like a sweet story.


Other News

You know we’re in constant recruitment-mode for our Yuri army, right?Most importantly, we’re always looking for military materiel. After the helicopters of Strawberry Panic!,  something in my brain snapped and ever since then, we’ve been collecting awesome armaments for our eventual Yuri takeover. We’ve added fighter jets, and of course any number of handguns and sword, but what we were really missing was a tank. I just wasn’t going to be happy until we had some ground support. Well, today, we got it. Ana M. sent us this picture of the official Pixel Maritan tank. It’s perfect, isn’t it? I covet it, with its pink camouflage pattern. And Maritan’s cheerful “Fuck you!” over the gun. OMG, it’s just perfect. Thanks Ana! Now we need an Aircraft Carrier. ^_^

A number of manga artists, including Morinaga Milk are contributing to a Earthquake Relief fund charity doujinshi movement. You can find the website here. It is in Japanese, so don’t be surprised.


That’s a wrap for this week.

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Thanks to all of you – you make this a great Yuri Network!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Um, i’m pretty sure Rakka Ryuusui volume 5 has been available since 27th May last year…
    Volume 6 is not out yet, however – my best guess is that it will be in August or September… I’ll let you know via mail when i’m sure!

    In semi-related news, Inpro – Sanada Ikki’s new 4-koma in Kirara Carat is indeed Yuri, judging by the first 2 chapters. A bound volume will take quite awhile though – don’t expect one till sometime near the end of next year.

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