Yuri Manga: Renai Manga ( レンアイマンガ )

July 15th, 2011

Sometimes when you pick up a book, what you want is to slip into a comfortable story and just…relax. Renai Manga (レンアイマンガ ) is that story. This manga is the equivalent of a pair of comfortable slippers.

New manga editor Haruka has just been assigned to her favorite manga artist ever, Kuroi Ritsu. Kuroi-sensei’s manga, “With You” motivated her to turn her life around. When she finally meets shut-in, mopey, entirely unfashionable Kuroi-sensei, Haruka is in for a bit of a shock.

The shock only lasts a very little while and Haruka finds herself taking care of Kuroi-sensei, until she’s faced with a second shock….when “With You” was in production, the current managing editor of the magazine was Kuroi-sensei’s editor…and, Haruka can’t help but wonder if Kuroi-sensei still has feelings for her former editor.

Of course, we can see that they’d make a great team, if only they could breach the gap between them…and they do when it comes to light that Kuroi-sensei’s good luck charm and favorite fan letter was written by none other than Haruka! Shocking, I know. ^_^

In the end they get together and are all adorable together and we really wish we’d get to see the story from this point forward, but we don’t, as it draws to an adorable, totally comfortable, totally predictable end.


Art – 8
Story – 8
Characters – 8
Yuri – 8
Service – 2 Kuroi-sensei needs a better bra

Overall – A warm, fuzzy, comfortable 8

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