Yuri Manga: Comic Yuri Hime July 2011 (コミック百合姫)

July 27th, 2011

I hope you don’t mind terribly, but I’m switching the nomenclature I use for Comic Yuri Hime. From now on, I’m using the cover date, rather than Volume number. I’ll shift the back issues, so they match. Volume number was feeling pointless and forced. So, today we’re looking at the July 2011 volume of Comic Yuri Hime (コミック百合姫).

The cover jumps right into Fukami Makoto’s Justice for Girls with a bittersweet chapter about Yukimi, after her escape from Rapunzel’s Tower and the brief happiness she shares with half-breed Tatsuki, until Chanel No. 5 tracks Yukimi down and whisks her away. This is the what, 4th chapter of this story and finally, it’s starting to take some shape for me. Now I want to know if Tatsuki and Yukimi will be reunited and if Yukimi will ever see her sister Chiaki again.

There were a number of interesting stories this volume and, only a few I felt compelled to skip, which pretty much puts this firmly on the rising scale for me.

Outstanding among the many good was…are you ready? Takahashi Mako’s story “Cha no Ma no Hana.” Did you ever expect me to shower praise on a Takahashi Mako work? Me neither, but here I am, doing just that. I was warned that it was a pretty good story ahead of time (thank you Komatsu-san!) and I absolutely agree. Jitsuko comes out to her relatives and warns them she’s not planning on changing her mind. Lurking behind concern for Jitsuko is the affection one aunt feels for the wife of her late brother, and a discussion of youthful impetuosity becomes quite complicated and adult.

“Yuri Danshi” explores the role of cross-dressing as a typical Yuri trope, with a nod to straight girls that enjoy the Otoko no ko type.

“Fu~Fu” provides us all with simply stellar advice when we decide we really like another woman, First, Hayase tells us, hold her close, then whisper “I love you” into her ear over and over. I’ve tried this out – it totally works. ^_^

Saida Nica’s “Aoharu Runnings” was squee-worthy cute that, like “Fu~Fu” gives us all an awesome motivation technique to use. This time, the reward is a kiss.

The Ichijinsha Taikai is on and submissions of manga are being accepted. A few examples of winners are shown to keep us all positive.

“Nadeshiko Kimomo” is cute – it’s pretty inevitable that you’re gonna look at it and think “this began life as a Marimite parody.” Cute, but really extra super thin on Yuri for the moment. It is notable for having an American student who is a chanbara otaku, who speaks an interesting Edo-patois-ish Japanese.

Amano Shuninta’s story, “Watashi no Sekhai wo Kousei Suru Gomi no Youna Nanika” was a pretty frustrating story for me. Fue is a college student who has a girlfriend but, for a variety of reasons just finds the idea of sex sort of bleah. They live happily ever after, but I wasn’t all that happy about it.

“Gozen 6-ji no Jouhou” by Futagawa Shunma tells of a little, fraught, illicit time between teacher and student.

In “Renai Joshikka,” Ai realizes that she wants more of Hato than just to be co-workers. When Hato leaves her husband, Ai pushes the envelope.

The “Yuri Room” column this month talks to Takemiya Jin.

In “Sweet Temptation” by Takemiya Jin, a sweet scent and an even sweeter confession turns a “no thanks” into a “maybe.

The next pages are a preview of Aoi Hana’s Twin Cake volume which tells the story of a failed idol-turned-manager who falls for her client.

As always these are not all the stories in the volume, just the one I found notable. Buy this volume for yourself and find more to love.

In general, I consider this to be an excellent volume and as always, I’m looking forward to the next!


Overall – 8

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