Morita-san ha Mukichi Manga (森田さんは無口) Volume 3

August 10th, 2011

While we’re talking Morita-san ha Mukuchi, I thought it would be fun to review Volume 3 of the manga.

Having established in earlier volumes that Morita Mayu is a competent, pleasant young woman, with lots of friends in school, who just happens to not talk all that much, Volume 3 continues on with many of the same kinds of gags as we found in the first two volumes.

Mayu keeps missing opportunities to speak, but she’s really good at listening to her friends, and they are starting to get the hang of understanding her, as well. A few of the gags are typical boy/girl school things, some are Mayu being smart about stuff things. We also learn that while Mayu isn’t verbally skilled, she does communicate by text on her cell phone.

Yuri in the volume is notched up ever so slightly. Mayu’s stalker is still a stalker, and we still know nothing about her, really. But when she finds herself hiding from Mayu in the library even she calls her own behavior into question. She might even say “good morning” to Mayu one day.

The most pleasantly surprising Yuri-upper is the Student Council President, Yamamoto. She was already on our radar from being a girl-magnet in Volume 1, and her attractive competence. But here in Volume 3 we learn that she’s not only the object of affection for other girls but that she considers the girls objects of her own attention. She’s just worried that she likes watching the girls so much that someone else might notice. It’s cool, Ritsuki, we have your back. ^_^


Art – 6
Story – 7
Characters – 9
Yuri – 4
Service – 1

Overall – 8

The nice thing about 4-koma is that they are not taxing on brain or heart. Whatever the situation is at the beginning of the volume will be the situation at the end of the volume. Like a manga sitcom, the story is in the gags. These particular gags about especially nice young women are pleasantly amusing.

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