Hayate x Blade Manga, Volume 14 (はやてxブレード)

August 22nd, 2011

When it comes to Hayate x Blade, Volume 14,  (はやてxブレード) there are no adequate words to describe what it made me feel. So…I’m not going to try. I will tell you this – I screamed. A lot. But that’s hardly a good description.

As I read the chapters that comprised this volume in Ultra Jump magazine, I decided what this review would be.





I’m going to let this volume speak for itself. So, here is my review of Hayate x Blade, Volume 14:


Art – 9
Story – 10
Characters – 10
Yuri – 1
Service – 1

Overall – 10

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6 Responses

  1. markski says:

    Mama to de mo,
    Issho ni nete oke–
    Kono shouben gosou!


    (With a great big smile and a flowery background, even.)

    It’s not quite a haiku, but DAMN Sae!

    That was my favorite part.

    1 seems a bit low on the Yuri scale to me. There was plenty of grist for the Akira/Sae shipping mill.

  2. Sae was her own special awesome. And Shizuku has a lovely bit of tragic heroine, too.

  3. gingko says:

    I agree that Sae was awesome. It struck me how sad she must have felt underneath her perpetual smile and flowery background. She does pretty much anything for the people she loves – Akira, her family. Great characterisation by Hayashiya-sensei.

  4. Edr3000 says:

    wow, this is the first time I comment here, but most of the times read all your reviews and love it the way you do it. This time is special because all about HxB I become crazy fan! Thanks for keep liking this manga ^^

    Greetings from Latin america

  5. @edr3000 – Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy the reviews.

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