Morita-san ha Mukuchi (森田さんは無口) Manga, Volume 4

September 26th, 2011

Morita-san ha Mukuchi (森田さんは無口) must be a work of genius. It must be, because after 4 volumes of the same sort of daily life-nothing much I’m still reading it, still enjoying it and still giggling at the silly gags. 4 volumes of nothing much and I still like this manga. It MUST be a work of genius, seriously.

In Volume 4, absolutely nothing has changed. Mayu is still a untalkative high school girl, Hana’s family issues are still bad, Miki’s still interested in boys, and the girl who is stalking Mayu is still stalking her. The only difference is that she’s now thinking about actually speaking to her, if only that would work out. That’s one half the Yuri.

The other half is in the form of Yamamoto Ritsuki, who is increasingly popular with the girls. So much so, that on Valentine’s Day, she staggers into class with an enormous bag of candy on her back, like a chapman setting off to sell his goods. The look of exhaustion on her face speaks volumes, and so does the expression of pain with which she offers a single candy to each girl who gave her chocolate, with an apology that they all accept with a nod. If she were to buy real candy for all of her admirers, she’d clearly be broke.

There was one small thing that changed this volume – a change that I, for one, welcomed. Yamamoto, as competent, intelligent and calm as she is, showed that she isn’t as cool as everyone thinks. In fact, while all the girls are watching her…she’s watching them back. Yuridar strikes again! As I suspected, Yamamoto is one of us. ^_^

Like all 4-koma, one should not read Morita-san ha Mukuchi expecting great plot shifts. This series makes great bedtime reading- a few pages at a time, sends you to sweet dreams of the look on Mayu’s face when Hana plays with her hair, and Yamamoto’s secret interest in girls. ^_^


Art – 6
Story – 6
Characters – 9
Yuri – 4
Service – 2

Overall – 8

Mayu’s a good friend, and her friends are good friends. Watching the four of them together has not yet ceased to fill me with warmth.

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  1. Felix says:

    Now that the the anime has gone on for one full TV season and is going into the next I was wondering which do you like better: the manga or the anime?

    I never actually followed the manga, but the anime streaming on Crunchyroll has been great. My only complaint is I wish it would have new episodes several times a week instead of once a week.

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