Comiket and New Year’s Swag

January 5th, 2012

For fun, we unbagged/boxed all of our stuff this time, even the wife’s piles of stickers and postcards. Click on the picture for a larger image. Let the detailed examination begin!

Up against the pillow are all the calendars I got. I have more calendars than I have room for calendars….

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  1. Mandy says:

    *squints* Is that a Uranus/Neptune doujin I spy? Is it new? If so, it makes me very very happy that circles still draw for the oldies but goodies. Especially Sailor Moon. Awesome!

    And that looks like a Raid Slash doujin! EEE! /jealous :D

    Awesome haul. The little Hello Kitty thing peeking out does hurt me a little, though. XD

  2. @Mandy – Yes, Studio Canopus is still drawing Haruka x Michiru stuff. There was a whole east hall dedicated to “series that are not dead yet.” In fact, we flipped out over a Violinist of Hameln doujinshi, and the circle flipped out that we had any idea what Violinist of Hameln was.

  3. Eric P. says:

    Is that an ‘Excel Saga’ dojinshi I see on the right hand side? If so, are you going to tell us a little bit about that one, or can you tell me?

  4. @Eric P. – That is a gift for Sean Gaffney, who specifically requested it. When we were looking for the table, my wife pointed and said, “I don’t know what that is, but we’re getting one.” She pointed – right to the poster of that doujinshi.

    So we wakled up to that table and bought it, and as we left every single person at the table said, in a very loud voice, “THANK YOU VERY MUCH!” so we turned and shouted “YOU’RE WELCOME!” at them and we all laughed.

    I haven’t looked at the doujinshi itself. It’s a memorial book for the end of the series.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Someone you know is an Ao no Exorcist fan!

  6. Awesome swag. It looks like you had a very productive trip. :-)

  7. @Anonymous – Yes, the wife likes Blue Exorcist.

    @Katherine Hanson – Thanks, we feel the swag was well worth the many lines we stood on. ^_^

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow, what a haul.

    …How did you manage to get that stuff back with you?

  9. @Anonymous – We take duffle bags with wheels as luggage and pack an extra bag. So far that’s been enough.

  10. Felix says:

    I really want that Fujieda Miyabi calendar. I wonder if there is any possible way to get one stateside?

  11. Tomoyo says:

    Thanks for the picture! I’m so very jealous of you and your swag. (Especially the Haruka x Michiru book!)

    So question: I don’t know how explicit any of the doujinshi you brought back with you is, but were you at all concerned with potentially having your swag examined by customs? Since there have been cases of people being accused of possessing “child pornography”, weren’t you at all worried?

  12. @Tomoyo – Nothing I brought back was adult, but the thought has made me more concerned about what goes into my luggage. My tastes don’t run to explicit porn, but even something like Tsubomi or Comic Yuri Hime might be questioned by a TSA agent who has an agenda.

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