Yuri Manga: Tsubomi, Volume 14 (つぼみ)

January 10th, 2012

Tsubomi, Volume 14 (つぼみ) starts off with a very interesting story. “Walk Wit Me” [Sic] takes place in the Dust Bowl of America during the post-WWI area. This is not entirely apparent in this first chapter, but the abandoned oil rigs and clothing are a big hint in that direction. I’m not sure what Wendy’s mother’s issue is, but nonetheless Mallory and Wendy face issues of class, and of course acceptance.

In “Hana to Hoshi” Hanaii is made aware of Hoshino’s relationship with her sempai and this shock is compounded when a male classmate confesses he likes her.

Kiku-chan is drawn into the Manga Research Club in Hakamada Mera’s “Higashitotsuka of Eden.” This seems like it’s a good thing, but Kiku-chan certainly doesn’t appear all that happy with it. That may be more because she just doesn’t know what to do with her rich, attractive, neighborly next-door neightbor, Hiyoshi-san’s outgoing personality.

Another one of those series that I took a long time to getting around to noticing is “Prism” by showhigashiyama. Once I noticed it, I suddenly realized that I actually liked it. Hikaru and Megumi have a shockingly normal and realistic relationship. I look forward to seeing this in collection now, so I can retrace the story of two very real young ladies in love.

“Kuraimori, Shiroimichi” isn’t heading anywhere fast, but I want to believe that Shou will realize her feelings for the blind woman who has intruded into her life.

“Candy” continues with an entirely unrealistic, but very cute chapter, in which Kanan and Chiaki commit a minor piece of school vandalism in order to have an intimate moment together.

And that was it for stories I liked this month. Less than half but there’s probably something in there for you, so please, remember to support Yuri when you can with actual money. Downloading scans doesn’t pay the artists. Thanks. ^-^


Overall – 7


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  1. JIN says:

    I also liked the Prism stories too. Did you see the Prism 5 with the beach scene ? The Les-bashing panels made my stomach drop but then they were saved of course. Have you seen that before in stories handled/presented that way? I mean such as Lesbiphobia and bullying/assault. Do you think it is a good or bad thing to include in something like manga ?

  2. @JIN – Getting there, getting there!
    I’ll be reviewing it this week.

    Short version – Good, because it’s real. It happens. It needs to be talked about (and the Yuri audience – especially Yuri Danshi – need to see the consequences of not taking people seriously, except as spectacle.)

  3. dmunder7 says:

    Hi, Erica,

    I have a question — I try to follow your amazon.co.jp links when I can, but usually I end up adding them to my wish-list instead of buying right away. When I do get around to buying (amortizing shipping over many books), do you get credit for things from a wish-list that were put there because of a link from you?

  4. @dmunder7 I can’t tell. I don’t have a source link for any one specific book.

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