Hayate x Blade Manga, Volume 15 (はやてxブレード)

January 23rd, 2012

So, Volume 14 came and with it, the greatest fight ever seen at Tenchi Academy. Sae and Shizuku, out of the fight and only Hitsugi and Akira left to battle it out. Students and guests were on the edge of their seats and so were readers, I can assure you.Well, at least this reader was.

The battle ended as it had to. Bloodied, on one knee, but unbowed and unwilling to give up, Hitsugi defeated Akira. Phew, because if Akira won, Tenchi would have been disbanded. And here, in Hayate x Blade, Volume 15, (はやてxブレード) we finally learn why.

We know that Akira’s father is a bastard – we’ve known that for a long time. We know he favors that prig Ryouichi and treats Akira like dirt, merely because she is a girl. And we learn why, exactly he let her come to Tenchi Gakuen – to destroy the Amachi family and the school. Having won the battle, Hitsugi cheerfully pronounces Akira’s punishment – to take over the school as chair. Akira now holds in her hands exactly what she was sent to get, and she runs off to give it to her father, and maybe, finally, get approval from the old man. But…Akira has undergone a transformation, and so has Sae, and together they walk away from what they were told would be their fates, in the quirkiest way possible. I won’t spoil it, but I will tell you that it involves a plastic bag from a convenience store (this time, the late, much lamented AM/PM) cut into a mask.

And so Akira and Sae return to school to find that nothing has changed – except everything has changed. The new trimester has begun and Tenchi Academy is moving! But before that, there’s new uniforms. And more epic battles between “randomly” chosen opponents who are so unrandom that everyone in the audience questions Hitsugi’s honesty. Ayana is once again paired with Yukari; Yuho returns, and Hayate meets (as in “meets in battle”) Nagi’s shinyuu-to-be, Kanai and lots of stupid shit happens.

I was recently discussing Hayate x Blade with Bruce and I said that generally I really dislike physical comedy. Hayate x Blade has a ton of physical comedy  – that makes me laugh out loud. The story that wraps the comedy is so smart-dumb that it’s impossible not to laugh. In my imagination, Hayashiya-sensei is Hitsugi, pulling strings and manipulating characters, just to get the best damn story she can out of them. Which, she does.


Art – 9
Story – 10
Characters – 10
Yuri – 1
Series – 1

Overall – 10

Once again, Hayate x Blade is the manga I wait with greatest anticipation for monthly issue and tankoubon alike. I pray daily that this manga becomes the longest-running story ever, because I cannot imagine my life without it and I expect to live a long time.

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11 Responses

  1. Flight13 says:

    I ment to post my first comment here, but oh well I guess I just want to say Why!!! why wont,they publish the new volumes here in the US. I love this series with a passion, and I’ve only read the first 6 volumes ( the other 3 online shamefully). Its depressing to know that one of the greatest series (IMHO) out there is on hold due to silly complications. Thank you for your update I’m glad to be able to know whats going on…even if its in a summery.

  2. @Flight13 – I’ve written about that several times. The series switched publishers. The contract probably didn’t.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ahah, somehow I managed to miss that tidbit from you before now. Well, if nothing else it’s nice to know that they didn’t just stop publishing it because they felt it wasn’t worth it. Hopefully the rest of it will see the light of day eventually.

  4. Immi says:

    I’m pretty sure this is the only series that has ever made me squee. Everything about it is just so much *fun*.

    These chapters really made me appreciate Hayate as the protagonist. She might not be the strongest or smartest, but she brings all of the awesome characters together and brightens their lives.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “We know that Akira’s father is a bastard – we’ve known that for a long time.”

    A high school manga with stuff about the *partents*? That is rare.

    “And we learn why, exactly he let her come to Tenchi Gakuen”

    A high school manga with the kids *needing parental permission* to attend an exotic high school? More realistic than I’m used to!

    “punishment – to take over the school as chair.”

    A position of added rank and responsibility *used as punishment*? Wow! (lemme guess, Hitsugi wants to dump extra paperwork on Akira instead of thinking “chair” is all glory and no hassle)

  6. @Anonymous – Interesting point. The recent chapters have had family snapshots for all the major characters, names, ages, occupations, right down to their pets.

    Yes, well of course Hitsugi is glad to give up the responsibility of rank, to fully enjoy the privilege. So does pretty much everyone else when they have the chance. ^_^

  7. Flight13 says:

    I have gone to the publisher website…unfortunately they are very vague on the answer, and by vague I mean all they say is thats ‘its not in the cards’ and try to steer us to different projects. I guess that means we’ll never get the north american release…sigh.

  8. @Flight13 – What that means is Seven Seas is not going to be the North American publisher who can publish any more of Hayate x Blade.

    Asking them what the deal is asking them to pick a scab. Or asking a former sports team, why a star has left. You’ll never get a real answer, because Non-Disclosure Agreements forbid that and you have no reason to know “the truth.”

    The contract with Seven Seas is over. Please, folks, stop asking them if they’ll be doing any more. The answer is no and you’re just being annoying.

    Shueisha is a HUGE company. It’s much, much harder to negotiate with them than it is with Mediaworks. Seven Seas has a great relationship with Mediaworks, none with Shueisha. Now, seriously, stop bugging them about it. Thanks.

  9. Melissa Gonzalez says:

    Wait, is Nagi’s shinyuu named Kanae or Kanayo? Wanna make sure i didn’t misread that.

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