Houkago Kanon Contest Winners!

March 18th, 2012

Back at the end of January, I announced a contest in conjunction with my review of Houkago Kanon and yes, I am *finally* getting around to announcing winners. (It’s only been about 6 weeks, so not the worst delay ever.)

Here were the rules of the contest:

The name of this book is Afterschool Kanon, where Kanon is the name of a Japanese deity.

Using this same formula, come up with the title and a *one-line* description of a Yuri story. For example, “Bathtime Hecate: Keiko discovers a Greek deity living in the medicine cabinet in her bathroom, how will she keep the goddess of witches from ruining her new life at the sorority house?” Yes, that’s awful. That’s the *point*. Make me groan with awfulness.

Well, damn, a few of you blew me away, both good and bad.

I have a pile of books here, from which I will pick utterly random things to send to winners and as usual, I make no promises or guarantees that it’s a good book. (In fact, the point of this contest is to get rid of a few crappy books, so…erm, yeah.) Winners, if you’d kindly email me at anilesbocon01 at hotmail dot com, I will get your prizes out to you asap!

The grand prize winner is Jennifer Linksy with a genuinely faboulous pitch:

Gloaming Eos: When Sakura arrives to take up her new position as activities director at a retirement community, she finds herself surprised by how energetic… and surprisingly beautiful… one of the residents is.

Not only did Jenny have a fun pitch, but went so far as to actually write it up!

Winner Stephen mixes and matches Greek mythology and Shakespearean drama in classic style:

A Midsummer Night’s Hera: Tired of Zeus’ infidelity Hera decides to turn the tables by seducing all the women of Athens but soon finds herself unable to stop there and plots to re-make the world as one filled only with women… women completely devoted to Hera.

Winner Atarun made me laugh out loud with this entry:

Dear Shub-Niggurath: cute, ditzy Hikaru unknowingly enters a hellish high school where all men are cultists and she gets chosen to be sacrificed to tentacle-adorned Cthulhu – her only hope for survival is to surrender to the calling of unpredictable, dark, showy Shub-Niggurath, the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young, all-powerful goddess of fertility.

And Natalie sent in this romantic comedy idea:

Midnight Eros: Shy, lonely Miyu had given up trying to get the attention of the girl of her dreams – until one night she discovered the Greek god of love and passion living under her bed! Can Eros help Miyu finally find love?

Thank you for all the entries, which were funny, wonderful and painful…sometimes all at the same time. ^_^

I love the stuff you guys come up with. You’re all so darn smart and creative!

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    Congrats to all the winners! It was so much fun reading all the entries :)

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