Yuri Network News – April 28, 2012

April 28th, 2012

Yuri Panel

Don’t forget, tomorrow, 5PM Eastern US time, log on to the Yuricon Live Stream Channel for the first ever Live Online Yuri panel! Bring questions, we’ll have time to take one or two questions by chat.


Yuri Manga

Mahou to Houko to Kurobuchi (魔女とほうきと黒縁メガネ) seems a Hakamada Mera-esque story about a loli and the glasses-wearing girl she likes.

Tsubomi volume 18 (つぼみ) will be on sale in June. Joining the lineup is bb-sensei, who brought us A Channel. As you might imagine, I’m just thrilled. -_-;

I’ve mentioned this before here, but Eden of Xeno, a Yuri-themed online doujinshi magazine, also has a blog by the CEO, Nakayoshi Tomino, (who is a really swell person, btw!)


Yuri Anime

Squee! New trailer for Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha As the 2nd movie.


Other News

Well, it’s official. The audience of Yuri Danshi is the editor-in-chief of Comic Yuri Hime. They’ve launched a Yuri Danshi Character Song and Drama CD as a deluxe edition of Volume 2, with a web page for the series. That explains that.

Speaking of “that explains that” YuruYuri is doing a woman-only event on May26 (oh, sorry, “girl”-only…) But it’ll be streamed live online for male fans of the series. I know I’m cynical, but I’d put money down on this being mostly attended by the female staff of Ichijinsha publications, roped into going to this and being streamed for creepy guys to watch online. I mean, seriously.

ANN’s Zac Berstchy sat down with the CEO of Viki.com to get the full story on the crowdsourced legal fansub site. Read it here. For the record, I’d love to see them get Candy Candy too, but does he know about the legal baggage that comes with the series? Not sure. ^_^

In other news, NHK World Radio has an English-language segment on the Gold Ring manga, collaboration between Qais Sedki and Japanese manga artist team known as Himekawa Akira. The interviews were set up by my friend Komatsu-san and I hope you’ll all give this a listen. I really hope that the English-language edition of this becomes available soon, so you can all read this shounen fighting manga based around the sport of falconry.

In keeping with this week of Moribito-based reviews, I learned that Moribito, Guardian of the Spirit was also translated into Italian. And, Italian writer Massimo Soumaré includes Moribito in his discussion of Asian horror in a two-part article: Part 1 and Part 2. (I also learned that this is not, technically, the first volume of the series, it’s the second, but the first isn’t a Balsa story. And that there’s a Balsa cookbook!)

Big news from Japan yesterday. Manga artist, BL pioneer and one of the Hana no Showa 49 group, Moto Hagio, will receive Japan’s highest civil award, the Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon this year. She is the 14th manga artist – and the first female manga artist – to receive this award.


That wraps it up for this week.

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9 Responses

  1. *reads Yuri Danshi paragraph*

    But it’ll be streamed live online for male fans of the series.
    Eww. Sounds kind of like a zoo exhibit for them. (As you note, the sentiment it differently.)

    And ending this comment on something good….

    It would be great to see Candy Candy on Viki. (More classic shoujo, please!)

    And a hearty congratulations to Hagio-sensei!

  2. Good luck with your panel tomorrow! I just wrote a post about it. I’m looking forward to it!

  3. @Katherine Hanson – Thank you for promoting the Live Yuri Panel!

    And yeah, I was reading all about the money they are putting into Yuri Danshi and thought, no reason for that, unless the guy spending the money reallyreallyreally likes it. ^_^

    I don’t know too many female fans of Yuru Yuri, in fact thinking about it, the only posts I see about it are on blogs by guys, so…

  4. DezoPenguin says:

    …That YuruYuri paragraph makes my skin crawl. Especially because if you offered me that bet there’s no way I’d take it ’cause you’re almost certainly right.

    The Eden of Xeno note, though, reminds me. Is Xenocross something that you or one of your handy guest reviewers is thinking of reviewing some day? The combination of “Yuri” and “available for purchase in English” is an attractive one, and I see that they’re up to three issues available now, but I have basically no idea of what the content is (or the quality of the translation, or the functionality the electronic delivery, for that matter) or whether I’d be interested in spending money on it.

  5. @DezoPenguin – Yeah, I’m just saying, if you know what I mean. ^_^

    I’m not planning on reviewing Xenocross, although I really like Tomino-san, the contet isn’t my cup of tea. (Especially the SonoHanabira stuff that it features.)

    If you’d like to take a crack at a review, I’m more than willing to post it!

  6. @Erica- My pleasure! ^_^

    (And apologies for that one mangled sentence in my previous comment. >_>; Argh. That’s what happens when you type before you’ve fully woken up.)

    And! I guarantee that you will love this week’s episode of Mouretsu Pirates even more than usual. I just watched it. It’s…it’s-!!! *jumps up and down hyperventilating*

  7. @Katherine- Oh, yes, I know. ^_^ It was pretty obvious where it was going at the beginning of last week’s ep. ^_^

  8. @Katherine – Better than expected. (I’m making a big grinny face now)

  9. @Erica- Yay! ^^ I knew you’d love it.

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