Yuri(?) Novel: Sexy G-Men Maki & Mina (セクシーGメン 麻紀&ミーナ)

June 6th, 2012

I didn’t make it past the first chapter of Sexy G-Men Maki & Mina (セクシーGメン 麻紀&ミーナ). It wasn’t good enough to be called “dire.” I’m guessing I bought it because there was Yuri in it, but I couldn’t make it far enough in to find it.

The plot, what there was of it, is that in the future all marriages must have sexual relations in order to make babies and it is illegal for a marriage to be sexless. When a relationship isn’t working, Maki and Mina are dispatched to teach the couple how to make babies and enjoy it.




Overall – 0

What *was* I thinking when I bought this? I do not know. Yes, I do – it was on all the Japanese Yuri lists and I thought it might have Yuri aside from the painful breast grope on the cover. In other words, I really don’t know what I was thinking.

I can say this – Mori Minako is no Mori Natsuko.

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  1. Rynnec says:

    This looks like the stupidest thing ever. If I knew Japanese, I’d be tempted to read it just to see just how stupid it gets.

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