Yuri Network News – June 9, 2012

June 9th, 2012

Look at the exciting things that came my way this week!

Yuri Game

By email from Rinnne Aokaze, who is a scenario designer for games in Japan. He wants us to know about a Yuri 18+ game that has just launched 「彼女と彼女と私の七日」- Her and Her and Me – Seven Days With the Ghost. They are on Twitter here, if you want to chat with the circle who created it. Those of you who buy and play ero-games, I hope you’ll try this one and maybe write up a review, huh?


Yuri Manga

Comic Yuri Hime has a few new titles coming soon: Kanojyona Maid  (かのじょなメイド) and Takemiya Jin’s newest,  Koi no Kaori (恋のカオリ) among them.

Hakameda Mera’s Salomelic (さろめりっく) from Hirari is slated for a July release and so is Asagao to Katou.

Itazura Choucho (悪戯ちょうちょ) looks Yuri, but it looks depressing as hell, too. At least the mope on the cover does little to convince me it is full of light and joy.


Other Yuri

From Twitter: Yuriko, Das Vidanya, a movie set in the Taisho period about a married woman who has an intense relationship with her husband and with another woman.

Here’s a timesink for when you’re bored, Yuri Yuri Douga, a blog of Yuri-ish themed videos from Japanese video site Nico Nico Douga.

Lily Friend  (リリィフレンド) is listed as a “Yuri Novel,” but as the main character is a guy who has a sis-con, I’m not convinced it’ll be a “good story.”

Katherine Hanson has an interesting look at Yuri characters who are out to their families in Manga on her Yuri no Boke blog.

Vertical is taking votes for license requests and Aoi Hana is on the list. If you’re on Facebook, let them know you’re interested!

Don’t forget to let JManga know you’re interested in Yuri from Hobunsha, while you’re at it. Drop by their free previews page and “like” Himitsu by Otome Megane. Read the free preview, while you’re there!

Last and totally least, Okazu has won the next round whatever Aniblog Tourney totally pwning Reverse Thieves. Thank you to everyone who voted! Next round will be against some other blogs, because this kind of thing is as endless as the NCAA tournament. In my imagination, Okazu and Yuri no Boke go head to head for the championship and then we’ll see who is loyal or not………….. (^_^)


Other News

The Japanese government is soliciting overseas entries for the 6th International Manga Awards. The site is in English, so if you are an aspiring artist, give it a try!


That wraps it up for this week.

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    OK so when I saw “Yuri no Boke” I misread it as “Yuri no Bloke” at first thought. Imagine if that was the title for something…

    Anyway, thanks for that link! :) It would be cool to see the shorts in there released in 1 anthology in English, if the author/artists all agree.

  2. Thanks again for the link! I’m glad you found the coming out post interesting. :-)

  3. DezoPenguin says:

    That Vertical voting-on-Facebook thing is rather annoying. I’m not on Facebook, have no desire to be on Facebook, and am certainly not going to create a Facebook account for the sole purpose of voting on stuff. Yet I can’t even find a “contact us!” link on their website where I could send them an e-mail saying “I don’t have a Facebook account, so I can’t vote, but I do have disposable income that I’d be happy to spend on Aoi Hana, thank you” the way I did for JManga and Himitsu. I certainly approve of manga publishers getting out there and embracing the social media world to raise product awareness, but to limit the ability to even *see* the election to Facebook customers (the page is only viewable if you log in) strikes me as pretty exclusionary and not a good way to build customer relations.

  4. DezoPenguin says:

    …Never mind, Vertical contact e-mails are posted in their profile page. Well, maybe not “never mind,” because, well, I still dislike the fact that as a non-Facebook subscriber, I can’t even look at the question of what’s being elected, but at least I can contact them to say so (and show my support for Aoi Hana).

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