Yuri Manga: Sailor Moon, Volume 6, (English)

July 13th, 2012

You may have noticed that, although Sailor Moon has been out in English for some time, I have not yet written a review of it here. There was no ulterior motive, it’s merely because the first 5 volumes in this edition have no Yuri. It’s not until we reach Sailor Moon, Volume 6, that we’re turning our sights here on Okazu towards it. This is the beginning of what is referred to by fans of the series as the ‘S’ arc – a phrase that comes from the third season of the anime, Sailor Moon Super, or Sailor Moon S. (Those of you familiar with the series knew that, but there may be readers who have never read the manga or watched the anime before – after all, the series is 20 years old. That explanation was for them. ^_^)

Usagi is about to have a moment of unadulterated happiness with Mamoru when they are interrupted. Usagi feels as if, whenever they get a moment of complete quiet for themselves, it’s doomed to be brief. And she is completely correct, as a new enemy appears. With shared dreams and visions of destruction…and vague words about the “Talismans”, the Senshi are once again called upon to protect the Earth, this time from a group with  the ominous name Death Busters.

It’s very hard to read this volume of manga and not flip back and forth in my head to the anime. Eudial’s appearance made me laugh out loud…but there’s no reason why that should be, she’s merely another bad guy to be defeated here. Nonetheless, when she showed up, I immediately flipped over to the Eudial of the anime, who was one of the greatest bad guys in the history of anime, with her terrible driving, her migraines and the best Monster of the Day ever, Doorknobder. (Go ahead, let’s say it and get it out of our systems, shall we? “Doorknobder Desperate Attack!” Okay, there, we can move on now…)

But this is not the anime. The tension is deeper, the bad guys are far more ominous and the good guys are, as well. When Haruka and Michiru arrive, it is impossible for us or the Senshi to know if they are friends or enemies. And they appear, perhaps, to be playing a third side. Haruka gets close to Usagi and Michiru seems to have her eyes on Mamoru, but in their private time they seem to be a couple. Who are they? What do they want? Whatever it is, they know a lot more about the situation (we think), as they carry two of the Talismans.

Haruka is first presented as a guy, but when she’s seen in women’s clothes, then later as a Senshi, she’s understood to be a woman. Usagi will ask her which she is and unhelpfully, she will respond with a question, “Does it matter?” It doesn’t really, but it does matter that Haruka and Michiru are older, sexily hyper-competent and don’t know as much as they think they do about what’s going on.

Artemis and Luna offer useless information (as they always do) about the mysterious new Senshi that have appeared. (I am, and always have been convinced that the only one of the Senshi team with any brain cells to rub together is Diana.)

And what is the role played by the sickly girl, Hotaru?

We don’t really know by the end of this volume. Which means we want to get the next volume. ^_^


Art – 7
Story – 7
Characters – 8
Yuri – 8
Loser FanErica – 127

Overall – 7

I am reminded that the origin of the Yuri helicopters was Sailor Moon. (I should have remembered that Strawberry Panic! had no original elements of its own.)  Phew!

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  1. Cryssoberyl says:

    Eudial was indeed an awesome villain and I hate the end that she comes to in the show. I was hoping she’d be “befriended” but that was actually a sadly rare end for the many great female villains of Sailor Moon.

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