Yuri Network News – December 7, 2012

December 8th, 2012

Yuri Manga

Fujima Shion wants you all to know that you can read Chapter 1 of her story about a lesbian couple having a child, Yurinin (Yuri Pregnancy), as a manga drawn by Edogawa Hiromi, for free (in Japanese) on Fujima-san’s Booklog.

 Yuri Anthology dolce has made it to a second volume.

Sakamoto Mano’s Numa, Yami, Yo no Mori (沼、暗闇、夜の森) hits shelves in mid-January.

Also from Yuri Hime Comics, Kuzushiro’s 4-panel strip Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san, will make it’s tankoubon debut. (犬神さんと猫山さん)

And YNN Correspondent Bruce P is very excited to let you know, that “Manga Erotics F, Volume 77, contains a 32 page report on this past summer’s Aoi Hana X Enoden Fair in Enoshima. It goes into great detail, with lots of  B&W pictures, and event-specific manga pages. The best thing about it, though, are the pages with color illustrations of all those wonderful special station posters. Included is information on where along the Enoden line each poster was located. We are talking details here. It serves as a nice lead-in to the latest chapter of Aoi Hana.”

YNN Correspondent Tomo K.  also has a head up for us about Destro246, the newest series from Vo Keitarou Takahashi’s , creator of Jormungand. Tomo tells us, “The story starts out with a Japanese businessman buying two 17-year-old female professional killers from a South American mafia to avenge his murdered wife and children. In Tokyo, the two bump into Imari, the professional killer from Ordinary, Takahashi’s debut series.

The Yuri part involves Ichigo, a senior-high girl who’s inherited her father’s yakuza business. She has two female bodyguards, Nanten and Renka (who’re her classmates as well). The three talk of having threesomes “as the usual thing”, and there are panels where Ichigo fondles one of the bodyguard’s huge boobs, and the bodyguards kiss Ichigo in public as well. When Ichigo destroys a rival, she keeps the girlfriend of the gang leader alive, and orders her to be their sex slave until she grows up and inherits her father business (then she’ll be forced to hand money over to Ichigo’s organization).”

Well, you didn’t need to sell me too hard on Takahashi’s newest and this seems to clinch the deal. ^_^ Sadly, it’s already unavailable on Amazon JP, so no link.


 Yuri Anime

 A couple of folks have pointed out that RightStuf, in addition to the under-$20 deals I listed earlier this week, they also have a a complete Maria Watches Over Us Seasons 1-4 bundle, for $75. That’s all four seasons for half off retail. Nice!

Maiden Japan, in conjunction with their distributor Section 23 has announced the license for Vampire Princess Miyu TV. You all need to see, at the very minimum, the creepy lesbian doll episode. 

Ichijinsha says they’ll be selling Yuru Yuri goods again at Comiket 83, coming up on December 29-31 at Big Sight in Tokyo.


That’s a wrap for this week!

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    Destro246 eh? Shall have to keep my eyes out for that.

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