Rock it GiRL!! Manga, Volume 1 (ロケットガール)

December 13th, 2012

Suzuhara Kaname is playing guitar in the park, being ignored by passers-by when a cute girl walks up to her and tells her she sucks.

Thus begins Rock it Girl!! (ロケットガール) by Tanaka Minoru.
Kaname, we learn, has a genuine talent for songwriting and playing the guitar, but that talent has not brought her joy. In fact, if anything, it’s been the tool others have used to use her.

When she’s approached by a talent agency, it terrifies her that they want her for these talents. When she’s paired with veteran drummer hippie Hanako and deadpan bassist Katsura, it gives even her less confidence. But when she learns that vocals will be performed by the very same girl who told her she sucked, Seira, it’s understandable that she’s at the end of her rope.

Even more confusing is Seira’s drunken confession that she desperately WANTS to sing one of Kaname’s songs.

It’s all too much, and the pressure of their first gig absolutely breaks Kaname. She runs away and hides in her home, until the rest of the band shows up. Seira breaks the walls figuratively and literally to confront Kaname, who tells her she’s written her a song, ロケットガール. “Rock it, girl”? Seira asks. “Um, no…it’s Rocket Girl,” mumbles Kaname.

Tanaka’s art is drippy and I’ll be honest, I don’t actually like it, but it’s so goofy and silly that it helps temper the serious scenes and keeps from them being too depressing.

Rock, it GiRL is a little about surpassing expectations, it’s a bit about pursuing your dreams, it’s a bit about how cold reality is and it’s a bit of “oddball ensemble gets together and makes it work.”

On the good side, this story is continuing, so maybe we’ll get a chance to see Kaname and Seira’s relationship develop past the tsundere tsukkomi and mopey boke that they currently are.


Art – 5
Story – 6, but rising
Characters – same
Yuri – 2 but there is potential
Service – 0 I cannot even imagine a single way to view this manga salaciously

Overall – 6, but I hope to see that score go up with the next chapters.

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4 Responses

  1. Mara says:

    I did like the look of the first chapter of Rock it GiRL that I saw, reminded me of strawberry shake. Sounds like it takes a more depressive route but I shall have to see for myself.

    Also: ” I cannot even imagine a single way to view this manga salaciously”

    Then I would say you are not looking hard enough. But that is a good thing really; who would want to?

  2. Akuma Dragon says:

    Hello :)
    I just want to ask, where I can buy this manga in english?? :( Please, help me :(

    Pretty pretty please :3

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