Yuri Manga: Wagamama Millefeuille (わがままミルフィーユ)

January 8th, 2013

Just when I think I’ve seen every possible set up for a “Story A,” someone like Chisako comes along and comes up with a story like ”Yokubou Parade” in a collection like Wagamama Millefeuille (わがままミルフィーユ)

“Yokubou Parade” (Parade of Desires) begins with what is sure to be seen by stodgy old grumps like myself as a superficial young woman selling herself to men for new purses and fashionable clothes. When a rich classmate, Miki, stops her from doing that by offering to keep her in new goods, Minami thinks she’s hit the jackpot. She meets up with Miki – who asks for nothing, not even companionship – and is given nice things. It’s like heaven…for a little while. Minami grows dissatisfied with her end of the bargain – she wants to do *something* for Miki, even if it’s just hang out with her. Minami tries to get closer to the other girl a number of ways,but Miki roughly rejects Minami. Minami, rejected and lonely, finds her usual arranged dates more honest than the non-relationship she has with Miki. But what’s really bugging Minami is that she kind of likes Miki, and would really just be happy doing something, anything for her.

When Miki discovers that Minami has returned to dating men, she’s pissed. Hasn’t she given the other girl enough? That’s not it at all, Minami insists.

Because, ultimately, this is a “Story A” they end up together, of course. But props for a different set-up.


Art – 6, again not to my taste but competent
Characters – Variable, from 4-7
Story – Same as above
Yuri – 5 Stories end with a safe kiss
Service – 2 Some slight Yuricest (in the weakest story in the collection)

Overall – 7

Not all the stories in Wagamama Millefeuille were to my taste, some are much more typical than the opening story and the art is decidedly moe, but I’ve read worse. This is better than most, even if the “Group date gone bad leads to love” is still one of the most overplayed plots in Yuri. ^_^

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