Manga no Tsukurikata Manga, Volume 6 (まんがの作り方)

January 29th, 2013

Do not start with me. I know, I know, this manga is a wasteland. It pretends to be Yuri, so here we are. I try, to the best of my ability, to keep Okazu as comprehensive as possible without violating my own standards of  entertainment (which is why you have not seen a hentai collection review in a long while. They are so boring. Girls have unrealistic, messy sex. Wow. Really, how exciting.)

So, while Manga no Tsukurikata, Volume 6 (まんがの作り方) is not actually indecent by my very relaxed standards, it is no way decent, either. Indifferent manga artist Kawaguchi has been abandoned by Morishita who has a crush on her. Takeda, who has a crush on Morishita and hopes one day to debut herself has moved with her to Tokyo.

But, when Takeda sees Morishita’s editor macking on her, she realizes that her chances of debuting are small and something important happens – Takeda suddenly becomes the only character in the book that has a plot.

Crush, crush, nasty crush…the Yuri landscape painted in Manga no Tsurikata is grim. So grim, it’s a veritable DMZ of emotion. But now, after 6 volumes of watching two talentless hacks inexplicably make it in professional manga without hardly any effort, drive or skill, Takeda, bitter, unappreciated Takeda, stands up and takes this crappy series over as the only 3-dimensional character.


Art – Hirao nails ennui
Character – Practically existentialist
Story – I don’t know, maybe we’ll get one in Volume 7
Yuri – One for each crush (so, 3)
Service – I don’t want to think about it

Overall – Somewhere out there, someone must like this series. I wonder why

I absolutely love how miserable Masato spends the entire volume being drawn as if he is a total babe, surrounded by the three woman on the planet who think he’s as attractive as a slug. Get out kid, it’s your only hope.
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10 Responses

  1. I tip my hat to you for your perseverance. I never continued beyond volume 1.

  2. @Katherine – I don’t blame you. I just do NOT understand how this series keeps going. It’s so…nothing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I read this one for about four volumes or so, hoping for something, ANYTHING good, but nope. As Kathrine said, bravo for continuing it this far.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well, the story might not be favorable but the drawing by Hirao Auri sensei is applaudable. Hirao’s sensei’s drawing is improving. The characters drawn are aesthetically beautiful. I start to enjoy much of the drawing than the story though (ha ha). So yeah, if there’s someone else who likes the manga, one of the reasons could be the drawing. (It’s definitely the drawing, at least, the characters are like suddenly becoming more and more beautiful. I can see that). Though.. I wonder how sensei ends this manga. Feels a little off about it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The manga story I really like, even more than the drawings. Because is different.
    The characters retain much innocence to her/his ages, therefore, the story is less passionate and lacks a particular dose of “malice”. Even so, the story is nice and tender.
    Poor Masato :(

  6. Yuri Saint says:

    Manga no Tsukurikata volume 8 was released just earlier this year but, I read some articles online that volume 8 is the last in the series?! Is that true ???? @x@’

    • I don’t know. It may be. I can’t believe it made to 8 volumes. ^_^;

      • Yuri Saint says:

        I see…I only have JPN sources to confirm this with so I’m not even sure myself. That said, having bought both volumes 7 & 8, I just assume that this volume is the end because I keep seeing this kanji (完結巻) on most the sites I checked on.
        Unfortunately to me, I think from what I can make out, volume 8 ended with a “hope for the future development of the Yuri relationship” sort of ending. Heck, I’m not even sure now. If this is the final volume, I wish that Hirao Auri would have filled the series with more Yuri…I’m a bit disappointed.

        • If those characters were mentioned then yes it’s the final one. The entire series was basically a wank. It barely had Yuri in it at the best of times. I’d not be surprised if it ended basically where it began.

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