Penguindrum Anime Collection 1, Disk 2 (English)

February 6th, 2013

As Disk One of Penguindrum ended, we focus on the not-entirely-overlapping realities currently experienced by Shoma and Kanba, and which to increasingly involve Oginome Ringo and her dead sister’s notebook.

As Disk Two opens Kanba is puzzling out the issue of a number of exes who have suddenly, weirdly lost their memories. We, the viewers can see who is doing it and how but it will be some time yet before we know why.

Shoma is left to deal with an increasingly irrational Ringo, as the reality she believes in slips away from her. She watches as the object of her desire, Tabuki, is dating, engaged to and, evetually, living with “Sunshine-y Troupe” star Yuri. (The scenes of Yuri’s show and retirement party would put a smile on any Takarazuka fan’s face, as they neatly parody a number of fun tropes from the famous female musical revue. Not least of which is Yuri’s partner who looks suspiciously like Oscar from the Rose of Versailles anime.

The bulk of the this disk is caught up in Ringo’s unreality, where her destiny with Tabuki appears ever further from her, even as she strives to achieve it. Shoma, Kanba (and we who watch) learn that the notebook she treasures is the “penguin drum” the Princess of the Crystal commanded them to obtain. What this means is still unknown…and may well remain so.


Overall – 8

There are loads of things that makes one uncomfortable on this disk. Welcome back to Ikuhara world.

And once again, thanks to Okazu Superhero Eric P. for his generous sponsorship of today’s review!

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