The Softest, Fluffiest Yuri Contest EVER!

May 2nd, 2013

This past winter, Okazu Superhero Ana M braved the hordes of Winter Comiket, hunting and gathering for me like a champ. Among the many trophies she successfully acquired was this load of goods from one of our favorite Yuri mangaka, Fujieda Miyabi, creator of Iono-sama Fanatics and Ame-iro Kouchakan Kandan.



Lilyca is Fujieda-sensei’s original doujinshi – as you can see, Sarasa and Seriho’s story is not over, just because Yuri Hime is not publishing any more Ame-iro Kouchakan Kandan. This year’s bag and the clear file include original bunny-eared characters from a series he calls 黒綾白和.  And, the fourth item is a soft, fluffy blanket with the same characters.

I have no energy to judge complex things for this contest, so just enter by putting your name, age and the country you live in in the comments and we’ll go from there. I have some doujinshi to give away, too, so there may be more than one winner, wink wink nudge nudge. ^_^

Contest will wrap up when I remember to wrap it up – let’s say May 20th or so. Get your name in early!


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85 Responses

  1. Chris Driggers says:

    Name: Chris Driggers
    Age: 34
    Country: USA

  2. Jordan Smyth says:

    Name: Jordan Smyth
    Age: 25
    Country: USA

    Accidentally tabbed and entered that last comment early, please delete it if you can :(

  3. Ali says:

    Name: Ali K.
    Age: 31
    Country: USA

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Name: Elizabeth F.
    Age: 23
    Country: USA

  5. Nisey says:

    Name: Denise Schroeder
    Age: 26
    Country: USA

  6. Alice says:

    Alice crook
    country- USA

  7. Ayesha says:

    Name: Ayesha Utt
    Age: 27
    Country: UK

  8. Steven Meredith says:

    Name: Steven Meredith
    Age: 27
    Country: USA

  9. Josh says:

    26 Years Old
    United States

  10. Eric P. says:

    NAME: Eric P.
    AGE: 29

  11. Susie says:

    Name: Susie Laughland
    Age: 23
    Country: United States

  12. Christina K. says:

    Name: Christina K.
    Age: 36
    Country: Germany

  13. John Martin says:

    Name: John Martin
    Age: 42
    Country: USA

  14. Daniel says:

    Daniel, 34 years old, Brazil.

  15. Laura says:

    Laura, 25, Australia ☆ミ

  16. Alexus O'Brien says:

    Name: Alexus O’Brien
    Age: 20
    Country: uk

  17. Christina says:

    Name: Christina Maria Jessen
    Age: 27
    Country: Denmark

  18. Morgan says:

    Morgan McEvoy
    Age 28

  19. Melissa M. says:

    Name: Melissa McCarthy
    Age: 32
    Country: Canada

  20. Mara says:

    Name: Louis Payne
    Age: 25
    Country: UK

    Wow all it takes is an easy contest with cute prizes to quickly get a tab on regular readers? Is this perhaps a marketing experiment too?

  21. Richard Beaubien says:

    Name: Richard Beaubien
    Age 36
    Country: Canada

  22. Michael says:

    Name: Michael Richmond
    Age: 49 (ha! Beat that!)
    Country: USA

    Have you considered running a reverse contest, in which you tell us something and, in exchange, we all send you an item?

  23. Sheila says:

    Name:Sheila T. De la Garza

  24. Luis says:

    Name: Luis Guajardo

    Age: 29

    Country : México

  25. Jenny says:

    Name: Jenny Quesada
    Age: 23
    Country: Costa Rica

  26. Jorge Lozano says:

    Name: Jorge Lozano
    Age: 23
    Country: Mexico

  27. Beatriz says:

    Name: Beatriz Mourad
    Age: 19
    Country: USA

  28. Dennis Bouchard says:

    Name: Dennis Bouchard
    Age: 52 (take that Michael!)
    Country: USA

  29. Katina Nguyen says:

    Name: Katina Nguyen
    Age: 17
    Country: Canada

  30. Brian says:

    Brian T.
    Age 28
    Country — US (California)

  31. Matthew Warren says:

    Matt W.
    Age 24
    Country-US (Georgia)

  32. LeVar H. says:

    LeVar H.
    Age: 36
    Country: USA

  33. LilyEyes says:

    All the fluff!

    Gayle B.

  34. Christopher says:

    Name: Christopher W.
    Age: 32
    Country: Poland

  35. Peter says:

    Name: Peter Seifert
    Age: 41
    Country: Germany

  36. janiceg says:

    Janice, 25, Singapore

  37. JBullard says:

    Jeremy Bullard, 25, United States

    Thanks for doing this! :D Awesome as always

  38. Kumiko Yamazaki says:

    Kumiko, 41, Malaysia.

  39. Daniel Judge says:

    Name: Daniel Judge
    Country (like jazz more ;-): USA

  40. Maza Winyan says:

    K. Shaw
    31 years of age
    United States

  41. Lisa says:

    Lisa, 60, USA

  42. Tamara Banta says:

    Tamara Banta 53, USA

  43. noel says:

    Noel J.

  44. Kathleen says:

    Name:Kathleen Thebeau

  45. Jasmine says:

    Jasmine Lopez

  46. Annya says:

    Name: Annya Chapa
    Age: 25
    Country: México

  47. Darin says:

    Name: Darin Bawden
    Age: (ugh) 45
    Country: United States

  48. Zack I says:

    Name: Zack I
    Age: 26
    Country: USA

  49. Jackie says:

    Japan as of a month ago! (Previously USA.)

  50. sanga says:

    Name: Sanga E
    Age: 22
    Country: Canada

  51. Isis Guerrero says:

    Name: Isis Guerrero
    Age: 28
    Country: Mexico

  52. deathcurse says:

    Name: Cindy M.
    Age: 22
    Country: Canada

  53. Lindsey says:

    Name: Lindsey S.
    Age: 22
    Country: Utah- at least Utah thinks it’s its own country (USA)

  54. Geraldine A. says:

    Name: Geraldine A.
    Age: 18
    Country: Philippines

  55. Todd says:

    Name: Todd
    Age: 43
    Country: USA

  56. Chiakisama says:

    Name: Kayla D.
    Age: 20
    Country: USA

  57. Valerie Lee says:

    Name: Valerie Lee
    Age: 22
    Country: Australia

  58. Kien says:

    Name: Kien
    Age: 26
    Country: UK

  59. JT says:

    Name: JT T.
    Age: 39
    Country: Germany

  60. Ale says:

    Name: Ale Meza-Santiago
    Age: 26
    Country: Mexico (mailing address is US, tho’).

  61. TJ says:

    TJ R.

  62. Mecque says:

    Name: Mecque Krietzberg
    Age: 24
    Country: USA

  63. Emily P. says:

    Name: Emily Pearl
    Age: 21
    Country: UK

    Love this site and Fujieda Miyabi! My copy of Iono-sama Fanatics is completely worn at the spine from re-reading, haha.

  64. Rhoda says:

    United Kingdom

  65. Sao-Link says:

    Name: Sebastian Imhof
    Age: 25
    Country: Switzerland

  66. David Lozano says:

    Age: 29
    Country: Mexico

  67. Ana says:

    I stood in line amongst rabid Yuri otakus for over an hour to acquire these! (>_<)

    Hope the winner enjoys the goodies. (^_^)

  68. Natalia Lucas says:

    Wow, this is a generous contest prize indeed! Thank you for your generosity, and moreover for the constant updates on the state of the Yuri.

    Age: 28
    Country: United States (currently situated in faaaaar northern Japan for work, though, so the Yuri is thin on the ground…)

  69. Alissa says:

    Alissa, 22, USA :D

  70. Zak says:

    Name: Zak LeMaster

    Age: 19

    Country: United States

  71. Kelly says:

    Name: Kelly Hathaway
    Age: 21
    Country: United States

  72. Ida says:

    Ida H.

  73. Jeri Mitchell says:

    Name: Jeri Mitchell
    Age: 42
    Country: USA

  74. Alejandro Fernández says:

    Name: Alejandro Fernández Molina

    Country: Spain

  75. Sara says:

    Thanks a lot for the contest ^^

    Name: Aurora
    Age: 22
    Country: Spain

  76. Ninamo says:

    Name: Laura
    Age: 24
    Country: Spain

    Thanks! ^^

  77. Sora says:

    If this is still open
    Name: Camila
    Age: 20
    Location: USA

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