Aoi Hana to End in July

May 8th, 2013

Aoi_Hana1ANN is reporting that Shimura Takako’s Yuri manga, Aoi Hana  will be coming to an end in the July issue of Manga Erotics F.

The Aoi Hana manga was picked up for translation by JManga in 2012 and the Sweet Blue Flowers anime was recently released by Nozomi/RightStuf.

8 volumes is a good solid run, so there’ll be no complaints from me. Thank you Shimura-sensei for such a wonderful series!

Thanks also to YNN Correspondent Orange Pekoe who wrote in to let us know the news.

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5 Responses

  1. dm00 says:

    Do you think there’s any hope of this being licensed for N. America?

    Have you heard anything from Fantagraphics about the success of Wandering Son? Do you know if their subscription drive for the next few volumes was successful? I am thinking if Wandering Son were a good seller for them, perhaps they’d consider Aoi Hana.

    Or maybe I should just bite the bullet and import the books from Japan.

    • dm00 says:

      (Especially now that JManga is about to dry up and blow away.) I’d forgotten that they had it — or at least the first volume.

  2. Albert Lunde says:

    I think what most of us can do is buy/rent any licensed products that are available. I just got two more volumes of the Japanese manga, though its mostly beyond my reading level, and I pre-ordered Wandering Son on Amazon in the USA. Erica has already spoken eloquently on the difficulties of creating a Yuri market here, but voting with dollars is the main road open to average fans…

    • dm00 says:

      Agreed. I’ve been pleasantly surprised lately that manga and anime series I’d not expected to be licensed (and for which I imported Japanese versions) have, indeed, been licensed.

      I’m a little reluctant to import from Japan if there’s a chance that I can support the local market instead.

      But the latest YNN column has an answer to my question — it looks like it will be coming in electronic form from Digital Manga Publishing.

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