Yuri Manga: Pure Yuri Anthology Hirari (ピュア百合アンソロジーひらり) Volume 10

May 20th, 2013

I note that I have five markers in the pages of Pure Yuri Anthology Hirari  Volume 10 (ピュア百合アンソロジーひらり), which is a very good sign. ^_^ Also note the very “Yuri classic” stylish cover by Konno  Kita.

In “Ichigo Drops to Kase-sen” Kase-san and Yamada-san take their relationship to a new level, finding a moment for some gentle intimacy on the class trip. One of the things I very much like about this series is how slowly it is progressing. This not the typical rushing from “we like one another” to “we’re together” to “have sex,” one so often sees. It’s perfectly plausible – and sweet – to see a relationship at this age develop at a more leisurely pace. This series continues to be the benchmark of the anthology, IMHO.

In Morishima-sensei’s “Seijun Shoujo Paradigm” Aoi and Lily find themselves on something that’s awfully like a date without meaning to be. I’ve wondered for years if this is a universal lesbian thing – apparently, it is. ^_^

“Majyou and Hikikomori” was just silly. As in Scape-God, sometimes a shut-in just needs a powerful magical creature of her own. In this case, to cook and clean for her lazy ass.

Mitsuki has a chance to fall in love with her lover Ayumu all over again in “Chandelier Stardust.”

But, the story that really did it for me this volume is a little princess and her knight ditty that was relatively standard until the final panel that was evidently meant to look like a piece of medieval artwork. Bing! Bing! We have a winner. ^_^

Ratings –

Variable, of course, it’s an anthology

Overall – 7

Hirari has settled into a very solid Yuri anthology and I am starting to anticipate getting each new volume, a far cry from my original apathy.

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