Dear Brother Set 2 Hits Full Funding in 24 hours on AnimeSols

November 30th, 2013

HappyReiThis weekend, classic anime streaming and crowdfunding site AnimeSols announced a Double-Up weekend in honor of the Thanksgiving Holiday, which is traditionally celebrated by manic buying of consumer goods, as you know.

Along with other series such as Creamy Mami Set 3 and Black Jack Set 2, they launched the second DVD set of Riyoko Ikeda’s shoujo classic, Dear Brother on Black Friday, with a very special deal – every pledge will count double. In the first 24 hours it was fully funded. In 24 hours, 152 donors, $13000+. With 70 days left and a totally reasonable $30 level that gets you the DVD Box, it’s now merely a pre-order.

AnimeSols founder Sam Pinanasky adds, “The enthusiasm we’re seeing during our Black Friday double up promotion is really amazing. Anime fans really want to know that their money is helping bring them more great classic anime and this is the perfect time for that to happen.”

Yuri and Shoujo fans, thank you and congratulations for making this set such a blowout success! Even Saint-Juste is happy. ^_^

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  1. liz says:

    YES! This is awesome!

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