Himawari-san Manga, Volume 4 (ひまわりさん)

February 11th, 2014

When you pick up a copy of Himawari-san, you can just…relax. There’ll be no high drama here. There’s no plot complications because there’s no plot. A volume of Himawari-san is time spent with an enjoyable book for no other reason than that it’s enjoyable. For comparison, check out the reviews of Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3.

In Volume 4 of Himawari-san, we delve just slightly more into the current Himawari-san’s past, her relationship with her brother and with the previous Himawari-san. Unexpectedly, the previous owner of Himawari Shoubo, was a extroverted young lady who was singlehandedly responsible for bringing the current Himawari-san out of her shell. Even as I write that, I wonder why I supposed the previous owner would be as introverted as the current one…perhaps because when one thinks of “small book store owner” one immediately thinks of bookworms who care about books more than people.

Nonetheless, both Himawari-san’s brother and she were captivated by the previous owner, much as Matsuri is captivated by the current owner, as we are reminded several times. Matsuri’s friends are now comfortable with Matsuri’s crush and, as Christmas approaches at the end of the book, we find that both Matsui and Himawari-san are growing accustomed to it, as well.


Art – 9
Story – 7
Characters – 8
Yuri – 4
Service – 1

Overall  – 8

This is a series imbued with the sweet smell of old books, the sepia tones of nostalgia and bittersweet feelings of crushes long gone.  A heartwarming read for a cold winter’s day.

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  1. dm00 says:

    Perhaps it’s appropriate that to get the first couple of volumes of this now one needs to find them in a used bookshop.

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