LGBTQ Comics – The Legend Continues in Bold Riley: Unspun

February 28th, 2014

BRUI’m sitting here in a Kickstarter-induced dopamine rush. Leia Weathington has just posted the crowd-sourced fundraiser for the sequel to her lesbian action fantasy series The Legend of Bold Riley, today. The sequel will be called Bold Riley: Unspun.

Like the original series, Bold Riley: Unspun will be released as several stand-alone pamphlet comics and as a collected volume slated for a winter 2014 release.

There were many things I loved about the first book; the different art styles, the Conan-esque writing, the stunning cover art. I’m still hoping that NorthWest Press will get a Riley t-shirt together.

The kickstarter this time is purely to pay creative costs.  You know how strongly  I feel about artists being paid for their work. So for the first time in my life, I went all-in and pledged the highest level. I know and enjoy the art by a few of the artists and I adore the stories and my birthday is only 7 months away. ^_^

If you like action-fantasy with a lesbian princess who can fight a god, bed a wench and stand up to an evil-eyebrowed wizard with the best of ’em, support Bold Riley: Unspun.


While I’ve got your attention, NYC-area friends, I have two NYC events of interest.

Tonight at Jim Hanley’s Universe, some of the contributors to Northwest Press’s QU33R will be doing  a book signing!

Rica Takashima will be joining Jennifer Camper and a host of other feminist and lesbian comic artists at the Feminist ‘Zine Fest tomorrow at Barnard College.


Save all that snow-shoveling money, kids…it’s going to be a great year for LGBTQ comics!

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5 Responses

  1. Jye Nicolson says:

    I chipped in at the $5 level; would have cheerfully gone for one of the others but everything higher was “ships to the US only”. I know that’s not the creators’ fault, I’ve seen plenty of tabletop rpg Kickstarters suffer from international shipping issues, but it is a shame.

    • I’m sorry to say that there just is no easy way to ship out of the contiguous 48. Even shipping to Canada or Mexico is double or triple what it is inside the US. An envelope with flat stuff that costs $18 to send in-US costs $34 to send to Canada, $46 overseas. International shipping would have made the few more bucks you gave them actually be a loss.

      • Jye Nicolson says:

        Yeah, I’ve seen some Kickstarters offer premium PDF levels or let the backer pay the (mildly horrifying :)) cost of shipping out of the US, but it’s not an option for everyone.

        I’ll be sure to pick it up once it’s out, I enjoyed the first volume. Fingers crossed for the Kickstarter!

  2. @Jye – FYI, Leia has heard the plea from extra-US fans and has come up with a workaround for backers who want the PDFs of the comics. Read here:

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