5 Days Left to Become an Okazu Hero!

January 26th, 2015

SubscribeepsThere are five days left in the 2015 Okazu Patreon Campaign!

Subscribe to Okazu and get early access to translated articles from the “Current State of Yuri Culture” issue of Eureka – and our eternal gratefulness. (Well, “eternal”, y’know. ^_^) . And you’ll get us that much closer to launching the new Yuricon Shop (which is looking awesome, btw. We’ll be doing beta-testing soon. It should launch early Q2 at this rate.)

All patrons who join through January 31 will receive access to the articles. Patrons from $5/month and up will get nifty badges and recognition on the Okazu Hero Roll on Okazu! It’s on the right sidebar there. –> Down a bit. Yeah, all those medals. That. ^_^

Thanks very much from everyone at Yuricon and Okazu!

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