It’s Utter Nonsense 2015!

February 21st, 2015

No YNN Report today. It’s been a while since I’ve declared it to be ‘Utter Nonsense’ time here on Okazu. Two years in fact. So…it’s “Utter Nonsense’ time once again on Okazu!

What is “Utter Nonsense’ time, you ask? Well, it’s when you ask me questions about…life, love, blogging, anime, manga, Yuri, whatever. And I do my very best to answer you without lifting a finger to do any research. ^_^ For previous Q&As, check out the Now This is Only My Opinion Category here on Okazu,. and take a look at the kinds of things people have asked previously.

Back in 2012, we did a Livestream Yuri Panel and it went really well. I was thinking of doing something similar this time this spring. Send me amazing questions and I’ll answer them live  – and we can take questions from folks “attending” live!

There are a few rules for sending in questions:

1) I will not answer questions about “what is your favorite….” I find them difficult to answer, as I really don’t have favorites. And generally, people are looking for external validation anyway and when my favorite does not sync with theirs, they get annoyed. So, let’s not. ^_^

2) No A/B choice questions like “ham or cheese” or “Coke or Pepsi” questions, please.  They aren’t all that interesting for any of us and I can tell you honestly, the answer is almost always “neither of the two.”

3) If you want to ask me what I see as the future of Yuri or why I like Yuri, I beg you to read all the previous iterations of my answers to these questions. If you have a question about Yuri that I have not previously addressed, bring it on!

4) No questions that can be answered by 30 seconds of actually READING one of my reviews here. Also, asking me “what do you think of so-and-so anime/fandom” is not going to give you the external validation you crave, nor will I rise to the bait of using it as a springboard to rant about a fandom, either. Don’t know if I’ve reviewed a thing you want to know about? Look to the right—->

See that empty box on the sidebar that says “Search Okazu“? Try that first.  ^_^

5) Lastly, no “define the term” questions. The answers have been posted here:

Now, I realize that this makes it harder to ask me questions. But the harder you work at the questions, the harder I have to work at the answering, so it’s a fair deal. The funnier the question, the better chance of an amusing answer. ^_^

Please post your questions in the comments here and I’ll figure out a date for a Livestream Yuri Panel for all of us.

I’m looking forward to your questions!

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13 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    If you had a Stand, what would its name, appearance, and ability be?

  2. Amanda B says:

    Oh good, I can finally ask without feeling weird. You go to Japan quite a bit, it seems. Where would you say are the hot spots in the metropolis areas for visiting LGBT travelers to hit up? Doesn’t necessarily have to be clubs/bars, but LGBT friendly areas..

  3. Michael says:

    Peabody and Sherman offer you a round-trip ride in the WayBack Machine, anywhere and anywhen you would like to go. You are permitted to prepare by taking all the appropriate shots and vaccinations, but can only bring with you a set of period clothing and items which can fit into a small backpack.

    When and where would you like to visit? What attracts you to this time and place?

  4. Tzivya says:

    Why is it so hard for there to be sexy and explicit Yuri that isn’t completely terrible in almost every way? I sometimes want some smut with my romance, but it feels like as soon as you add it, the odds of the story and everything else being good goes, for lack of a better term, tits up.

    • Damn good question, Tzivya! ^_^

      • BruceMcF says:

        Since we are talking commercial media, I’d be guessing that a lot of the time, its not in there to serve the story, but in there to serve what is expected to be a market, and in the model in people’s heads of the people in that market, plot and character development are not critical parts of making a sale.

        In that environment, it can take a brave creator to risk the kneejerk “oh, that is THAT kind of piece” reaction when the story is in fact served by a more explicit, sexy scene. And a special editor to go beyond, “ooh, that’s hot”, to “yes, that’s hot, but is this part here really in character for …”

    • Nyara♥ says:

      All the time the artist is investing in drawing and imagining the eroticism isn’t being invested anywhere else. So unless it’s a team, it’s very rarely that an artist can archive both things without compromising one. This is specially true in the quick paced world of manga, where the mangakas have short time frames to end their works.

      I guess it’s also a thing about time. One of my relationships was intensive on sex… and it wasn’t good at the end. A lot of time was lost in actually developing feelings, sharing more variety of experiences and so, and things failed as it was a void relationship at the end.

      In real life you can balance things quite good as there’s a lot of time available if the love is there. On Yuri, you don’t have too much “screen time”, so each page is valuable and frankly, a good erotic work sucks a lot of pages to actually work.

  5. Jackie S says:

    I tried looking back through Okazu before asking these, and I think I should be safe… It’s been awhile since you did any “shelf porn” types of entries.

    With all the reviews you do here, plus other things that never get mentioned, how much new manga/anime do you think enters your household each year? How much of it do you keep, and how much of it gets passed on? How do you decide what stays and what goes? Any estimate of how many volumes of manga you currently have? (Or to rephrase – if you had a magical, endless library room in your house, how many large bookshelves to you think it would take to house your collection?)

    Are there any pieces in your collection that make you particularly happy? (Like, ones you had to hunt for and finally found after many travails, ones that just for no explicable reason make you really happy when you look at/think about them, etc.?) And if so, what?

    Yeah, I have a potentially unhealthy love of shelf porn and collecting things myself. Some of my friends laugh, but I am completely serious when I say one of my life goals is to have a devoted library room in my future apartment/house for my books, manga, anime, movies, and figures. (^_^)

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