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June 11th, 2015

I’m about to embark on a two-con weekend and bring you coverage from Flamecon, New York City’s first LGBTQ Comic Con on Saturday and my local home con here in New Jersey, AnimeNEXT, on Sunday.

And I have some really exciting news  that I can’t share yet, but is going to about 5x awesome and you will totally want to know all about it. ^_^

In the meantime, we’re still moving forward with Yuricon Store, which is already the most comprehensive place for Yuri media online, and we’re hoping that the next phase will make it the most comprehensive Yuri *everything* shop online! Clothes, toys, goods, cel phone accessories,…everything.

As you know, I am now accepting subscriptions through Patreon. As you also probably realize, nature prefers zeroes to other, more messy, numbers. ^_^ Right now the Okazu Patreon is currently $5.62 away from $400.  Seriously, less than $6 to hit a major milestone, although not quite the one we hoped to hit for launching the Store. (But, screw that, you get the Store, no matter what.)

We just sent the third perq out to patrons yesterday, and if you hop on this, you’ll get that too. Early access to the third translated article from Eureka magazine’s “Current State of Yuri Culture” issue. This one is a provocative article by artist Rica Takashima.

I am offering a super special one-time perq for the person who pushes us over that mark. Be the person who subscribes to Okazu, and gets us over the $400 line and I will give you a 1-hour Skype session with me about anything. Your favorite Yuri series, why I’m wrong about Claymore, or Candy Girl, or Hitohira…or 60 solid minutes of us gabbing about how *amazing* Sei is, or our favorite predatory lesbians…or anything. I’ll let you in on industry “secrets” (there aren’t any, it’s all rather tedious business stuff, but still…) or we can just show each other our coolest Yuri figurines. The time will be yours to do with as you will, with the obvious exception for people being a raging asshole or weird sex stuff, I charge way more than $6 for that. ^_^

So how about it? Your own private Yuri panel. And you’ll be supporting Okazu and Yuricon and getting us that much closer to our goal of being the best source for Yuri everything and anything, anywhere and everywhere.


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Thanks to all our current patrons, supporters, friends and readers! You make everything worth it.


Friday June 12 Update! Holy Mother of All That Is Yuri, we have broken the $400/month mark!

Thank you Okazu Patrons and Readers everywhere!


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