Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – September 5, 2015

September 5th, 2015


Yuri Anime

If you missed popular Yuri anime Strawberry Panic when it was released by Media Blasters, or would like to revisit it anytime, look no further than Viewster, a new, legal free anime streaming provider who happens to have it! Check the service out and subscribe if it has stuff you like, or order up their “omakase” (chef’s choice) service. Viewster also has Aoi Hana/Sweet Blue Flowers and other Yuri anime (and some lesbian-themed live-action drama from the looks of it.)


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Yuri Manga

It’s a Citrus-fest! In Japan, the 4th Special Edition of Saburouta’s melodrama has officially hit shelves, and here in the West, Seven Seas’ English version of Volume 4 is up for pre-order! (No official cover image available yet for that.)

The new re-release of Mikuni Hajime’s Gokujou Drops  makes it to a Volume 2 and is finishing up with Volume 3 .

New from Comic Yuri Hime is Kanaras’ Sugar Room (シュガールーム) and Mahiru Teku’s Kiraboshinohako (きらぼしのはこ).

Sengoku Hiroko’s upcoming collected omnibus of her doujinshi work, Watashi ni Mienai Koigokoro, includes Yuri, BL and fantasy stories.

YNN Correspondent Flors Enversa wants you to know that Milky Way Ediciones has announced the Spanish-language license for Aoi Hana. At which everyone complained that it hasn’t come out in English. Only it has. It was licensed by DMP several years ago, and is still available from them as a Kindle edition.

The 18th volume of the fascinating josei manga magazine, Rakuen Le Paradis has hit shelves in Japan.

The lesbian doujinshi circle Biatika has a new adult lesbian doujinshi anthology, including one of my fave creators, Mizuki Monika!

And Amazon JP is starting to get into the doujinshi market. Here’s  Yorita Miyuki’s Kanojo no Kuchizuke Kanzen suru Libido ~Nidoume no Kiss   (彼女のくちづけ 感染するリビドー ~2度目のキス~)


Yuri Essays

Via James Welker, we have a new article in the Yuri Essays Page on Yuricon, Sarah Wellington’s thesis,  Finding the Power of the Erotic in Japanese Yuri Manga.

Remember my article on the Nanoha-verse and the idea of family? Well, Idea Channel takes a similar look at Steven Universe.

Kickstarter Watch

Here’s a fun western animation starring a “a girl who finds herself caught in an interdimensional struggle with aliens, magic and technology.” Shadow Magic 2D Animated Pilot Episode already is starring the voice acting skills of two popular western VAs, Yuri Lowenthal and Vic Mingogna.

I don’t know about you, but as a child I would have gladly killed to be able to wear a suit to school. Suit Her wants to make suits and tuxes for girls who want them.

Other News

LGBTQ novelist Malinda Lo has a new story about “hysteria, lesbians & maybe vampires,” called The Cure.

Like books about Vikings and lesbians and trans characters? Check out Thrall: Beyond Gold and Glory by Barbara Ann Wright, coming out this month from Bold Strokes Books.

For aspiring artists, here’s a bit of good advice from Ben McCool on Tech Times: Breaking Into Comics As A Writer: 4 Rules All New Talent Should Follow

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