Lesbian Comic Anthology: Freya – Sequential Love Stories

September 6th, 2015

Freya_2015This past year I mentioned a crowdfunding effort for a series of European LGBTQ manga anthologies, Frey and Freya (both named after Norse Gods.*) I jumped at the idea of getting it off the ground and have now had a chance to read it. And, it was fun and good. But while I read it, I realized that we really need to talk about something.

Young lesbian artists, may I ask you politely to stop saying you drew this “because there’s nothing like it out there”? Yes, there is. You may not know where to find it, or have seen it, but yes, yes it is “out there” and we’re long past this being a valid sentence. Just because you’ve never searched “Lesbian comics” or  you don’t know about “Yuri manga,” does not mean something does not exist in the universe – just as series’ don’t end just because you stop following them. ^_^ We are at a point in human existence when it is both self-indulgent and foolish to insist that something doesn’t exist before you do it. It’s way more likely that you aren’t forging a brand-new never-been-done-path in LGBTQ storytelling, but are merely walking a well-trodden one. Other people are gay. Other people draw comics. Lesbian comics exist – and have existed for many years.

Also, crowdfunders, please make sure to print a few extra copies of your books, so when I review it, people can buy it. It’s depressing to say “Well, this was great, but you had to fund it to get one. Sorry.”

So Freya Anthology arrived and, like all anthologies, it has variable art and stories. A number of things really stand out to my American eye – the artists in this anthology, who are mostly from Sweden, like those from the Finnish anthology, Lepakkoluola, are way better at diversity than Americans and Japanese are. Also, I found the collection to be a really pleasant mix of fantasy, slice-of-real-life, history and sci-fi.

There were any number of stories about competent and strong women, although the girl-as-reward trope was too prevalent for my comfort. Balancing this out, there were few coming out stories, and even those were “go tell her you like her” rather than, “Do I like girls?”


The art styles are decidedly western – the one manga-inspired story, “Bubble” by Elise Rosberg, really stood out as an exception to the rule. Natalia Batista‘s wordless, and heavily black-and-grey work, “La Perte” was my personal favorite. The dark pages too my aback at first, but the story was solid, had emotional depth and the art really grew on me.


Art and Stories variable. It’s an anthology.

Overall – 7

An excellent anthology and one that I will gladly add to my growing “international” lesbian comic collection. I know that the Frey and Freya circle is making the round of European events, and they do have a Facebook page, and it looks like you you can order a copy directly from them, so definitely contact them!

*The Frey anthology will focus on gay relationships.

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  1. Elise says:

    Elise here, one of the artists. Thank you so much for the review! So nice to see that you enjoyed the book and the feedback is really invaluable.

    Just wanted to make clear that we’re not saying our concept is unique internationally, but in scandinavia the only other lesbian comic anthology is the finnish one you also mentioned :) As far as we know at least! We mainly made the book for nordic readers, since we’re at events and selling it here. We never thought the crowdfunding would get as big as it did and we’re so pleasantly surprised that so many people from all over the world bought it. It was so wonderful, and it’s very much thanks to you too for promoting us!

    And we do, like you mention at the end, have books available to buy outside of the crowdfunding :) We’ll be better at telling people immediately after the crowdfunding how they can reserve or buy a copy though!

    Yet again, thank you so much for reading the book and reviewing it, we really do appreciate the feedback! If you have any other tips for us that you’d like to share, please do send an email our way. We’re always looking to improve. Although I understand that you’re a very busy person.

    Best regards,
    Elise Rosberg (not Rosenberg, altho that misspelling happens a lot haha)

  2. Desmond says:

    Rosenberg -> Roseberg -> Rosberg

    Gosh darn it, Erica, “incremental typo attenuation” is *my* superpower, NOT YOURS. ^_^


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