Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – October 28, 2015

October 31st, 2015

YNN_MariKLive-Action News

A new live-action TV series is slated for this winter on Fuji TV that purports to be a “lesbian” story, but is really just a typical unrealistic Yuri trope – sister by marriage fall for each other. Snooze. LGBTQ activists in Japan are about as thrilled as I am. You know what I say about this – how lazy do you have to be to not even leave your living room to fall in love.

Comic Natalie reports that a new stage production of Tezuka’s classic girl prince saga, Ribon no Kishi/Princess Knight is planned in Tokyo for November 2015. The production stars Nogiazaka 48 performer Ikuta Erika as Sapphire. I gotta say, she suits the role!

ANN has the details on a Re-Kan! stage play cast.

Also from ANN, the news is that Criterion is releasing the live-action Lady Snowblood movie collection. That’s going to be worth getting.

And again from ANN, There is a ton of news from the Ghost in the Shell stage adaptation.


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Manga News

According to ANN, a new Ikkitousen manga series is being launched in November. We know what we’ll get with this. Upskirt shots, exploding clothes and just the vaguest hints of Yuri. But I’ll probably watch it anyway. ^_^

YNN Correspondent Vivi is excited to tell you that Tokyopop Germany is going to release Kodama Naoko’s Renai Manga in November. This is excellent news for German-language reading fans.

The third volume of Hayate x Blade Nyan is out and the tension is high as the Tenkuu and Daichi dorms get ready to go champion to champion in the ultimate Hoshidori!



This February will see the debut of BL anime film Doukyuusei, (同級生) based on Nakamura Asumiko’s manga, according to ANN. Unlike most BL-themed animation, this one appears to actually look at two classmates who fall in love.

Tagame Gengoroh’s Otouto no Otto, (弟の夫), My Brother’s Husband has hit shelves and is next on my to-read pile. This is a look at a gay couple, one Japanese, one Canadian and their child from the point of view of a brother who still lives in Japan.

Nakamura Ching, writing as Nakamura Kiyo, has a new comic essay about their lives together, a comic artist and a woman who is a single mother, Okaasan Futari itemoii kana?  (お母さん二人いてもいいかな! ?)

Comics Alliance takes a look at queer supervillians.


Anime News

ANN has the list of Sailor Moon S villian dub voices for you. Eudial will always be my favorite. ^_^


Other News

YNN Correspondent Eric P. wants you to know that the The Legend of Korra: The Art of the Animated Series – Book Four: Balance, with the lovely “Turtle Duck Date” image is now available.

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