Triage X Anime (English) Guest Review by Day

November 4th, 2015

TriageXYa know what day it is? It’s Guest Review Wednesday! ^_^ And today we welcome back Guest Reviewer Day, who will be discussing the anime Triage Xavailable for your viewing pleasure, for free, legally on Crunchyroll. Please welcome Day back with your usual enthusiasm!

Triage X is a show following the exploits of an assassin group known as Black Label which is run out of a hospital and, fittingly, made up primarily of medical professionals. It is also adapted from the manga of the same name by the man responsible for Highschool of the Dead, and it is this piece of information which will likely go a long way toward telling you whether you will likely be able to tolerate Triage X in this first place. That being said, it bears mention that if you watched HSOTD and mused to yourself, “This really would be much better were the breasts three times as large.”, you’re in luck! Triage X very much has obliged in that regard.

I sound maybe a touch snide putting it like that, so it may surprise you when I manage to work myself around to being positive about the show. But, first, details.

As noted above, Triage X is about Black Label, a group that deals with the sorts of criminals who manage to operate beyond the reach of the law in modern Japan. In fits and starts, there’s a wan connecting thread throughout having to do with a mysterious and dangerous drug called Platinum Lily, but it’s perfunctory at best. Instead, the show takes a mini-arc approach where several of the characters get the spotlight for two episodes at a time and get to work through some of their issues against a backdrop of stabbing, shooting, and slashing unpleasant people at the behest of a world-renowned surgeon. Unfortunately, while a couple of these stories have seeds of promise, the severely truncated run-time of the show (ten episodes to adapt roughly ten volumes of manga) prevents them from developing any of that potential.

Speaking of potential, as for Yuri, it’s all in the land of subtext and implications. One of the female doctors has a coterie of female nurses who clamor for her attention and for the privilege of getting to massage her, and there’s a mildly homoerotic undercurrent to her relationship with her physician’s assistant. The strongest eau du Yuri at hand comes in the mini-arc concerning high schooler/assassin Mikoto, who manages to befriend a girl who then turns out to be the nemesis she’s been jousting with during Black Label missions. The two manage to work up a good deal of tension in the short time they get together.

On a different note, it may sound like a silly thing to bother drawing attention to, but I was quite happy that Triage X ended up featuring female doctors in addition to male ones. It’s a very minor point, but I had fully expected to be stuck with the typical “male doctor with lots of female nurses” set-up and felt a sense of relief when that didn’t end up being the case. Leave it to the garbage fanservice show to acknowledge the existence of female doctors, apparently…

I think Triage X will appeal to folks who have enjoyed Ikki Tousen, and from my point of view it’s a very good garbage watch. There’s definitely something satisfying in watching women stab and hack away at the scumbags of society who victimize others, and if I have to endure threats of sexual violence against women in pop culture, the least I could be given in return is the chance to watch these women respond by kicking the crap out of the ones who threaten them so.

Art – 4 (absurdly-proportioned breasts and terrible animation)
Story – 6
Characters – 6
Yuri – 2
Service – 10+

Overall – 7 (it might be garbage, but it’s my kind of garbage)

Erica here: “Leave it to the garbage fanservice show to acknowledge the existence of female doctors, apparently…”

Japanese evening dramas include female doctors, laywers, cops and the like, although rarely as the lead in a non-comedy, but as for otaku culture, which we know is weirdly conservative and timid, this may well be the truest thing I’ve read in weeks.

I watch Ikkitousen as my garbage watch, so now I’m wondering if I might be able to tolerate this. Probably not. ^_^ Thanks for another fantastic review!

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  1. redfish says:

    How are the politics this time? (Given that in HS of the Dead, elected politicians are scum, leftists are fat cowards who deserve to be shot, and a few good men with guns are the only worthwhile ones.)

    • Day says:

      Overtly, there’s really nothing about politics here – some of the yakuza villains are surely involved in politics somehow, but that’s never confirmed in the show. It is implicit that the hands of the police are tied to an extent because of the power of organized crime, but that’s about it.

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