Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – January 2, 2016

January 2nd, 2016


Happy New Year!

I hope you don’t mind that I’m not working hard at this New Year weekend edition of the YNN report. There’s still cake and wine left over from NYE celebrations and they are calling my name. ^_^

But it is because of New Year celebrations that we are even here today. I spent this year’s Eve watching the Kouhaku Uta Gassen –  the annual Japanese New Year’s eve singing contest television special – like Dick Clark’s special used to be, with a few contemporary singers and a bunch of Lawrence Welk-like fossils. The show has been adding in a lot of anime themes and popular VA singers, probably in a desperate attempt to get people under 40 to watch. ^_^

Well this year, they did a medley of anime songs, Pokemon, Yokai Watch, Sailor Moon, Love Live!, Neon Genesis EvangelionChibi Maruko-chan and Gundam  and probably some I’ve missed…still not why I’m mentioning this, although hearing Moonlight Desentsu on the TV was nice. ^_^ I’m mentioning it because they started to talk to someone in the audience and I became very excited – Uehashi Naoko, the creator of the Seiriei no Moribito series was on TV…. The new live-action Seiriei no Moribito series announced last summer is coming this spring on NHK! Waaah!

Balsa, Chagum, Tanda, Torogai, Shuga and the rest on TV. Squee. Ayase Haruka, (who was the Kouhaku’s Red Team host,)  is playing the role of Balsa.  No trailer yet, but as soon as there is one, you can be sure it’ll be on here. ^_^

Okazu News

The Okazu Patreon has been updated for 2016 with a new video and a new perq! Click the link to see the new video, and either the “Subscribe” button here to your right  —> or on the left of the Patreon page to become a supporter of Okazu. With your help we relaunched the Yuricon Store, we added a bunch of new Event reports on Okazu and Essays on the Yuricon page. We have a pile of thing we want to get done in 2016 and every little bit helps towards those goals!


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Yuri Game

ANN Reports the addition of Yuri VN Atom Grrrl! to Steam. According to the description it is a “yuri Tarantinoesque comedy about sex, drugs, and revenge.”  If Tarantino used 6 year olds as actors. ^_^;

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend and a great new year!


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  1. Eric P. says:

    Never heard of a live-action ‘Moribito’ before now, and would definitely be interested in the trailer!

    • There was a press conference in July. I also had missed it, but at this point don’t take announcements from Japan on things they will be doing all that seriously anyway. ^_^ Now that we have release date, it’s real.

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