Artbook: Dear, Eri Kamijo Illustrations (上条衿作品集2 Dear.)

February 9th, 2016

DearBack in 2014, I admitted my fondness for artist Eri Kamijo’s work when I reviewed her artbook GIRLS. Well, she’s got a  new artbook out and it’s just magnificent.

Dear  is everything I like about her work and more.

The cover is one of her color studies, with judicious use of metallic color on the butterflies, to give the image depth. The book itself is a hardcover, with a delightful mix of her color studies, media illustrations,  and sketches. The color illustration art for various media included things like this a master image of a stunning Artemis for the Last Chronicle card game (which is a little less garish than the card image.)

Artemis from Last Chronicle by Eri Kamijo

There are a number of Yuri pictures in this collection, as well as a number of adorable straight couples.

Ultimately what I like best are her extremely clean, but natural pictures of random people doing everyday things, like having a morning cup of coffee or checking a wristwatch, in the section of the book labeled “Fashion.” There’s something about her work that just makes me take a deep breath and relax.


Art – 10

If you like pretty women and well-executed art, you can’t go wrong with Dear by Eri Kamijo.

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  1. Stacy L says:

    I haven’t heard of Eri Kamijo before, but having just looked her up thanks to your recommendation, I can see that I’ll love her work. Beautiful. If there’s any more charming and playfully erotic – but NOT creepy glass-eyed moe – type art of this nature about, please let us know. (Although I love creepy art, just not stuff that’s creepy when it’s supposedly meant to be ‘cute’)

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